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10 Reasons to Visit O’ahu


It’s Faraway Friday, and this week we’re jetting off to the Island of O’ahu! My husband and I needed a relaxing trip for our first anniversary, and we decided an island would probably be just the right pace to help us slow down and soak in the happiness of our first year of marriage. This is the trip that convinced us to take an easy-going island trip for our anniversary every year! Here are our top 10 reasons O’ahu should be on your “to travel” list.

10. The Hula Pie
If you follow my blog at all, it’s really no surprise that we’re having dessert first! The Hula Pie at Duke’s on Waikiki Beach is an iconic end to a satisfying island meal. That chocolate cookie crust, that macadamia nut ice cream, that fudge, those macadamia toppings, that whipped cream!

Hula Pie Before
Hula Pie After

9. The Duke Himself
That’s Duke Kahanamoku. Father of modern surfing, Olympic gold medalist, sheriff of O’ahu, waterman, whatever you call him, he is a hero in Hawaii! And he’s waiting to greet you on Waikiki Beach!

My honey and our friend the Duke!

8. The View
Always find the lighthouses. They have the best views.

Keeping Watch
Guarding the Shore

7. Pearl Harbor
No trip to O’ahu is complete unless you visit Pearl Harbor. Their exhibits are meaningful, and the USS Arizona Memorial is worth the trip all in itself. Survivors from the Pearl Harbor Attacks can choose to be buried here with their comrades when they pass away. I had no idea about that until we visited.



6. The Local Fare
And we’re back to food! The happy island vibe permeates every aspect of life on O’ahu, and it even shows up in their breakfast! Tell me this doesn’t look like a little Hawaiian guy:

Breakfast Man

And this food truck shrimp might be the best I’ve ever had!

Giovanni’s North Shore Shrimp

5. The Beach
Whether you want water sports, relaxation, or scenery, O’ahu has the right mix of all three!

The shoreline
The waves
The palm trees

4. Royalty
Hawaii is the only state with a royal palace! King Kamehameha I came from the Big Island and unified the Hawaiian Islands in a battle culminating on O’ahu, and the successive royalty lived in the I’olani Palace in Honolulu. They even have a throne room!

King Kamehameha I at the State Capitol
Thrones at the Palace

3. Kalelekaʻanae
And speaking of unifying the Hawaiian Islands, you can visit the site of the Battle of Nu’uanu, where hundreds of warriors who preferred death to losing the battle chose to jump from the cliff.

Version 2
The cliff
The view from the cliff

2. Diamond Head
No place on O’ahu is quite as iconic as the Diamond Head crater. If you see an “establishing shot” of O’ahu in movies or on TV, it’s most likely a shot of Diamond Head crater similar to the one below!


Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach

1. Sunsets
Nothing says “beautiful” like watching the sunset! And we saw some stunning ones over the water at Waikiki!




What do you think? Ready to buy a ticket to O’ahu yet?

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