Your Ultimate Guide to Kaua’i’s Most Accessible Waterfalls

Kauai’s natural beauty is, in my opinion, nearly unparalleled in the rest of the world. Hawaii’s Friendly Isle of Molokai gives Kauai a run for its gorgeousness, but Kauai is the winner for me. Interestingly, much of Kauai is inaccessible by car, and the majority of the island can only be seen from the air! 

One of the most beautiful natural features anywhere, including Kauai, is waterfalls. Luckily for all, some can be seen or accessed fairly easily, for those of you who may not be up for a flight in a helicopter or tiny plane, or who prefer not to hike 8 miles round-trip! Here are four of Kauai’s most accessible waterfalls. 

Opa’eka’a Falls

We’ll start with the very easiest! This gorgeous falls has its own designated viewing area with plenty of parking and a restroom to boot! It can be seen from a distance, and is one of the more beautiful, cascading waterfalls in the world. 

This is by far one of the most beautiful falls. It looks like it’s right out of the dinosaur age!
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Wailua Falls

You might recognize this one. It’s Fantasy Island Falls! You can get pretty close to this one, as it’s visible from a viewing area on an access road. There is designated parking just past the view point, so park there and walk a few yards back to see the falls for yourself. 

The road is on the narrow side, so do everyone a favor and only park on the side of the road if there are no parking spots left—and even if there are cars parked on the road, that doesn’t mean all the spots are taken! 

Anyone know where I can stream Fantasy Island ASAP?
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Waipo’o Falls in Waimea Canyon 

This falls is visible from many places along the Canyon rim, so you’ll have lots of opportunities to see it when you visit Waimea Canyon State Park! There is a viewing area, but some of the pull-off points as you drive along the Canyon Road will give you even better views, so keep looking! 

This water fall can be seen from any number of roadside stops in the Grand Canyon of the Pacific!
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Ho’opi’i Falls

This is the most challenging of the “accessible” waterfalls on this list, but if you’re up for an easy hike (really a pleasant walk in the woods), this one will be worth your while! It’s one mile in and one mile back out, and you’ll end up at the top of this beautiful falls.

If you’re up for a short hike, this one is perfect for you!
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