How to Mail a Coconut from Hawaii

Everyone loves real mail! In the 90’s, snail mail was super boring; we all wanted an e-mail! Then e-mails became bothersome—so much junk mail! So snail mail made a bit of a comeback. The appeal is in that personal touch, you know? But what’s better than a post card or a traditional letter (and way better than an e-mail)? A coconut from Hawaii, of course!

There are a few things to know about mailing a coconut, but it’s the honest truth that you can send one from Hawaii to anywhere in the world! Technically you can send one from any post office, but the Hawaiian post offices have the most experience! I sent one to my family in Tennessee from the Post-a-Nut Post Office in Hoolehua on Molokai, and it was very easy. Here’s how in four easy steps!

Post-a-Nut from Molokai!
Step 1: Head to the Post Office

Before you go out gathering coconuts, stop by a post office on the island you happen to be visiting to see if they have pre-inspected coconuts available. All coconuts will have to be inspected for bugs, bug holes, or other things that shouldn’t leave the islands. While you’re at the post office, ask if they have any particular guidelines for sending a coconut. They might be able to tell you where to find a good one! And they can tell you where to have it inspected if you choose to find your own.

Hoolehua Post-a-Nut Post Office, Molokai
Step 2: Select Your Coconut and Decorate!

You can certainly choose your own coconut, whether young and green or old and brown. Just remember the cost is calculated by weight and distance to travel, and the green ones usually weigh more. You will need to have your coconut inspected, so I suggest doing that first before you decorate, and maybe have a few ready to be inspected at once.

At the Post-a-Nut Post Office on Molokai, they had pre-inspected coconuts ready for decorating, plus permanent markers in every color of the rainbow!

Pre-inspected coconuts at the post office!
Markers of every color!

Not artistic? Some stores sell coconuts that have already been inspected and decorated! In fact, the Post-a-Nut Post Office on Molokai had several to choose from, and all I had to do was make a donation to the local artist, which I was happy to do!

Pre-decorated, pre-inspected coconuts!
Step 3: Write the Address on One Side

Coconuts have three sides. One or two can be decorated, and the other needs to have the address written on it. I chose a pre-decorated coconut and donated $5 for the local artist. I was able to put that charge on my credit card when I paid for the postage.

My coconut! Aloha!
Ready to write the address on the side!
Step 4: Weigh and Pay

The USPS employee will weigh the coconut just like any other package, and they even put the colorful stamps on it for me. The postage to send my coconut to Carthage, TN, was $19.05 (plus $5 for the decorated coconut).

Getting it weighed.
Postage much?

And you’re done! I mailed my coconut on a Monday and it arrived at its destination (Carthage, TN) the following Friday; only four days! My family got a real kick out if it.

My dad was so excited to find a coconut waiting for him!
Everyone’s excited for their coconut!

Have you ever mailed a coconut? Would you? Tell me in the comments section!

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    1. Right?! It was so fun when dad called to tell me what a kick all the girls got out of it at the post office!

    1. It was fun! They can if you send a fresh one, but fresh coconut weighs a lot more and is more expensive to send!

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