The 5 Most Important Things You Forgot to Pack for Hawai’i

Updated August 28, 2022.

A trip to Hawai’i is a dream come true! The surf, the sand, the gorgeous sunsets… it’s all there and waiting for you. But there are a few things you definitely need to pack, and unless you vacation in Hawai’i a couple of times a year, you’ll probably forget them. You’ll be so glad you found this list!

Water Shoes

Why would you want water shoes? Because your feet are perfect as they are! The beaches in the Hawaiian islands are absolutely beautiful, but they’re also often rocky, include sharp pieces of broken coral, and that sand is not always powdery or soft either. The beaches in Hawaii are too beautiful and picture-perfect to let the experience be “cut” short, so bring your water shoes for long walks on the beach, swimming, or just walking around the islands!

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Reef Safe Sunscreen

Hawaii recently passed a law banning the sale of sunscreens that include chemicals that harm coral reefs and other sealife. The law goes into effect January 1, 2021. My favorite reef-safe brand is also solid instead of a lotion, so it doesn’t take up space in my carry-on liquids bag!

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Bug Repellent

It may be paradise, but there are still bugs! You will definitely want to do some hiking in the islands, so don’t forget to bring some bug repellent with you. The best part is that it also comes in wipes or a solid!

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Dry Bag

This is one of the best things I have ever bought, and I pack it for every Hawaiian vacation! It’s perfect for a beach day, hiking to a waterfall, or a kayaking excursion. It keeps both the sand and water out, and you can even take it into the ocean with you so you never have to worry about leaving your valuables on the beach. I recently found it in backpack form, too, which is ideal for a day bag on a hike!

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Quick-dry Towel

Speaking of beaches and hiking, a quick-dry towel is always a good idea for a road-side beach opportunity or for cleaning up after a hike before you get into that rental car. They’re so thin and light, and you’ll be glad you packed one!

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