The Best Tips for Driving on Molokai

Molokai is Hawai’i’s “Friendly Isle,” which is something you’ll notice while you drive around the island! But with speed limits topping out at 45 mph, you’ll quickly learn that life is much slower here. That’s part of the charm. Embrace it, live it, and feel the aloha.

You Will Need a Car

There is no public transportation on Molokai, and very few tour companies. And, the tour companies that do operate here will likely not be picking you up at your accommodation! You definitely need to rent a car here, so book it early, and make sure there are cars available, even before you book your flights!

You’ll be so glad you rented a car!
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Slow Down, It’s Molokai

As previously mentioned, the speed limit is 45 mph at the very most. In school zones, it’s 20 mph. And everywhere on the island, the speed limits are enforced! The most you’ll want to push it is 5 mph over, but only if you’re feeling very lucky. Slow it down, know that getting where you want to go will take time, and enjoy the ride!

Slow Down, It’s Molokai
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Pull Over to Take Photos

There are only two lanes just about everywhere on Molokai, so don’t block the road trying to get that perfect shot. Pull over! There are several scenic lookouts scattered around the island, so take advantage of them. The one below is our favorite!

We loved this gorgeous, road-side view!
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Stop for Pedestrians

Pedestrians may be crossing in a crosswalk, or maybe they won’t! It’s very common here to cross wherever is convenient for the pedestrian, so be on the lookout. Pedestrians always have the right of way, no matter where they’re walking or crossing. They’ll lookout for you, but it’s also important for you to look out for them.

Always look out for pedestrians!
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Don’t Honk

This is the ultimate in rudeness on the Hawai’ian roadways! People might give a short “toot” of thanks when you let them out in front of you–which you should totally do, especially when someone is backing out of a parking spot–but you’re more likely to get the shaka sign in thanks. Unless you’re rounding a blind corner, do not honk!

“Love from me to you.”
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The Road to Halawa is More Beautiful than Mau’i’s Road to Hana

You won’t change my mind! The road to the Halawa Valley is absolutely beautiful, with stunning views of Mau’i to boot. It’s also far less crowded than the Road to Hana, which is something you’ll never experience on Mau’i! Trust me, even if you’re not taking the Halawa Valley Cultural Hike when you get there, you’ll enjoy the journey along this scenic stretch of road.

More beautiful, and less crowded!
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