Pizza, opera, beautiful canals, history, and the home of Romeo and Juliet… Italy has something to offer no matter what you love!


  • The Best European Destinations for Solo Female Travelers - The perfect Eurotrip is the one you take, so I've narrowed it down to my top 10 recommendations.
  • What to Know Before You Visit Italy - You can't help but love Italy! I mean, who can dislike a place known for pasta and pizza? But like anywhere else, there are some customs to know ahead of time and some tell-tale signs you're a foreigner, which you will want to avoid! Check out this list, compiled with the help of my good friend Lisa, who grew up in Italy!


  • What I Wore: Fall in Venice - We recently got back from a chilly weekend getaway in iconic Venice, Italy! It was a challenge to pack for this trip because of the temperature range and being surrounded by water, but here's what I came up with.
  • Top 10 Romantic Venice - This was my first time to Italy, and I've always thought of it as an unattainable, romantic, dreamy destination. But I wasn't dreaming! Here are my top 10 romantic experiences in Venice--start planning your trip for Valentine's Day now!
  • 10 Reasons to Visit Venice - This week I'm whisking you away to a place I had previously only dreamt of visiting: Venice, Italy! Some places just seem like a dream, as though they're too good to be true or too unique to be real. To me, Venice was always one of those places. But here are 10 real reasons why it should go on your "must travel list" as soon as possible!
  • 4 Days in Venice - Today I'm throwing it back to last weekend's exciting Venetian getaway. We spent the better part of four days there, and we covered a lot of ground without getting too overwhelmed. If you're looking for a four-day plan or itinerary for yourself, this just might be the one for you.
  • What to Eat in Venice - On our recent trip to Venice, Italy, what can I say? We had to eat! This was my first trip to Italy, so I was thrilled and excited for the opportunity to enjoy Italian pastas, gelato, coffee, and more.
  • What to Know Before You Visit Venice - I just got back from a whirl-wind trip to romantic Venice! I've always wanted to visit Venice, but it always seemed like an unattainable dream--but no more! Here are some tips for what to know before YOU go to Venice!
  • Guide to Venetian Gondolas - I have your guide to gondolas in beautiful, iconic, historic Venice! It's the ultimate in romance: a private gondola ride through the beautiful canals of Venice, Italy. Perhaps you're being serenaded as you float along.


  • Why You Should Spend Valentine’s Day in Verona - Ah, love! Verona is known as the City of Love, and any trip to this beautiful, ancient city will show you why. But no time is as romantic as... Valentine's Day! Steve whisked me away to "fair Verona" this past Valentine's Day, and it was the most romantic trip we've ever taken!
  • How to Spend 4 Perfect Days in Verona, Italy - Planning a trip to legendary Italy? Do not skip beautiful and Romantic Verona! Many people only come here for a day trip from other nearby cities, but I definitely recommend spend two, three, or even four days exploring this lovely city! Because it's less "touisty," you will get a more local experience than you would elsewhere.
  • The Most Romantic Things to Do in Verona - Verona is my new favorite city! Steve granted my Valentine’s request and whisked me away to fair Verona, Italy, of Romeo and Juliet fame. The tale of Romeo and Juliet predates the Shakespearean play, but he certainly did make this beautiful city famous for centuries to come.
  • 10 Things to Do in Verona - Have you ever visited Verona? Is it on your list? If not, you should, and it should be! I love to travel (as you may have guessed), and no matter how often I do, I always get a thrill when I go somewhere new. Often I think of coming back before I've even left, but rarely do I think, "I could see myself living here!" That is how I felt about Verona within 24 hours of arriving.
  • Where to Get Engaged in Verona - Ah, love! It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s, well, lovely! Our Valentine’s trip to Verona was an absolute dream, and I kept thinking, “Wow! What a great spot to get engaged!” and, “Wow! What a beautiful view for an engagement! So if you’re planning an engagement or a trip to Verona, here are a few ideas to help you find just the right setting to pop the question!
  • What to Eat in Verona - Steve and I went on a romantic trip to Verona, Italy, for Valentine's weekend. It's been made famous by Shakespeare, of course, but it also has some unique foods to offer. I think basically everyone in the world can appreciate Italian cuisine, so I hope these pictures will do it justice!
  • Letters to Juliet: Movie Moments in Verona - It's #MovieNight! If you've been following along on Instagram lately, you know we spent Valentine's Day and weekend in fair Verona, made famous by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet!
  • What to Know Before You Visit Verona - It's more than just Romeo and Juliet, my friends! Steve and I had such a great time in Verona, Italy, over Valentine's weekend. It was my second time in Italy, but my first time to Verona!
  • Staying at La Corte di Giulietta - located in the same courtyard as the famous balcony that inspired Romeo and Juliet, and get this... from 7:30pm until 8:30am the next morning, we had the courtyard all to ourselves! Our Valentine's trip to Verona was the most romantic trip we've ever taken, and I hope this post inspires you to start planning your trip for next Valentine's Day!
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