Why You Should Spend Valentine’s Day in Verona

Updated August 14, 2020.

Ah, love! Verona is known as the City of Love, and any trip to this beautiful, ancient city will show you why. But no time is as romantic as… Valentine’s Day! Steve whisked me away to “fair Verona” this past Valentine’s Day, and it was the most romantic trip we’ve ever taken! Here is a quick list of the reasons Verona should be your next Valentine’s Destination!

Exclusive Events

Valentine’s Day in Verona was like Christmas! They really go all out to make it a special time, especially for lovers. We were honored to get tickets to an exclusive evening event at the Torre dei Lamberti on Valentine’s night. It was quite intimate because there’s not much room at the top of the tower, and exclusive because we had to have advance tickets! There were some heavy hors d’oeuvres, wine, juices, and even a professional photographer to capture the special experience!

Torre dei Lamberti, lit up in red for Valentine’s Day!
The view from the top!
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Valentine’s Market and Lovers’ Maze

Yes, there was a Valentine’s Market. But what’s more impressive: it was heart-shaped! Vendors were there selling chocolate, cheese, pizza, crepes, and more delightful foods to share, as well as trinkets, soaps, perfumes, and other souvenirs to take home!

Valentine’s Market and Maze as seen from the Torre dei Lamberti!

As you can see, the middle of that market is a very fun, life-size maze! It was totally free, and we had such fun making our way through it, and of course there was a photo-op at the end. It was simply romantic!

We made it through the maze!
Lovers in the maze!
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This was an unexpected perk! All the attractions we went to on Valentine’s weekend were 2-for-1. All the museums, churches, and more were half off for couples, which made for a real money saver!

Casa di Giulietta–first ticket 6 Euros, second ticket FREE!
A period-style bed in Juliet’s House. “What light through yonder window breaks?”
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because it’s so true: Verona is the most romantic city we’ve ever visited! Couples stopped to kiss each other on the streets and in the town squares. Every bakery had little (and big!) heart-shaped cakes in the windows. And everything was decorated with red lights and symbols of love! The days around Valentine’s Day are known as “Verona in Love,” and they have created festivities and ambience appropriately. If you need a romantic getaway to remember what it’s like to be young and in love, Verona is just the place for you.

Renewing our love at the Roman Arena!
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Speaking of ambience, it is heightened by the decor all over town. It wasn’t excessive, it wasn’t hokey, it wasn’t tacky, it was all just sweet and beautiful.

Even the Torre dei Lamberti blushes with the season!
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The Giulietta e Romeo 1/2 Marathon

This was unexpected! The Sunday after Valentine’s Day there was the Juliet and Romeo 1/2 Marathon! This was funny for Steve and me because we met at the Prague Marathon seven years before. What a fun thing to do as a couple—training together, traveling together, and running the race together! Perhaps something for active couples to put on their bucket list!

The finish line for the Giulietta e Romeo 1/2 Marathon.
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Will you be booking a trip to Verona this Valentine’s Day? I hope this post has you convinced! Check out my Italy Page for more!

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