How to Spend 4 Perfect Days in Verona, Italy

Updated Auguat 14, 2020.

Planning a trip to legendary Italy? Do not skip beautiful and Romantic Verona! Many people only come here for a day trip from other nearby cities, but I definitely recommend spend two, three, or even four days exploring this lovely city! Because it’s less “touisty,” you will get a more local experience than you would in Rome, Milan, or Venice. Here’s a suggested itinerary so you can start planning your own Shakespearean-inspired, Veronese adventure!

Juliet in her courtyard, just below her balcony
First things first: What to Know Before You Visit Verona

Day 1

There are several ways to get to Verona, including airplane, car, train, or bus! If you’re flying, there’s a good chance you’ll fly with Air Dolomiti, my new favorite airline, since they are headquartered in Verona!

Morning or Mid-day

When you arrive, check into your accommodation—we recommend La Corte di Giulietta so you can have Juliet’s Courtyard to yourself!—and then head out to explore! If you’re like us and you flew in from the U.S., you will want to stay outdoors and in the daylight to beat that jet lag.

Afternoon: Castle Pietra

Castle Pietra is just across the Adige River from the old town, and it’s one of the most beautiful places to get panoramic views of the city! You can hike up or take the stairs on Scalone Castel San Pietro Street. If that’s not quite your style, you can take the funicular up for just a couple of Euro! Take the castle tour, enjoy the views, and don’t forget your camera.

The view of Verona from Castle Pietra!
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Evening: Dinner at Little Italy Pizza & Food

When you’re done exploring the castle grounds and enjoying the charm of Verona with a view, step into Little Italy on Vicolo Crocioni, just around the corner from Juliet’s House! This was the best pizza we had the whole time we were in Verona (we had a lot of pizza!), and the people working there were so nice! They also have pasta and other traditional Italian foods, but we definitely recommend their incredible pizzas.

Romeo Pizza from Little Italy
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Day 2

Put on your walking shoes today! You have lots to see and do!

Morning: Juliet’s House and Breakfast

Start out at Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House) and beat the crowds! It opens at 8:30am, and it does get crowded as the day goes on. Bring a sharpie to write on the wall (where permitted) and perhaps bring a letter to leave for Juliet as well! It’s also close to several restaurants, so it’s easy to take pictures with Juliet’s statue, tour the house, peek out the balcony, and then head to breakfast!

Leaving my heart-felt letter to Juliet!
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Mid-day: Walking Tour and Late Lunch

One of my favorite things to do in a new city is to go on a walking tour. Verona has several to choose from ranging from free to paid, private to public, themed or simply informational! Plan to spend anywhere from 2-3 hours on your tour, and then head to lunch. Don’t stop at one of the squares, though, head down an alley or ask your tour guide for the best place to eat!

Afternoon: Torre dei Lamberti

Your tour probably already included a stop at Torre dei Lamberti, but you probably didn’t go up yet! It’s only 8 Euros per person, and the views are amazing. Even better: your admission price includes the museum as well!

Torre dei Lamberti, on Piazza delle Erbe
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Day 3

You’ll be doing a bit of walking again today, so feel free to carbo load with pasta, risotto, and pizza throughout the day!

Morning: Juliet’s Grave

This is another one to put at the beginning of your day because it opens early (8:30am), and though it’s a bit off the beaten track, it can get crowded later in the day. Your admission price includes a visit to the crypt where she’s buried as well as one of the best museums we visited: the Frescoes Museum! I’m not much of an art aficionado, but I did like this museum a lot. And you may as well step inside since you already bought the ticket, and it’s just right there!

Juliet’s Grave
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Mid-day: Roman Arena and Lunch

You’ll pass by the Roman Arena on your walk back to town, so this is a perfect opportunity to stop in and see it for yourself. It’s still used as an event venue to this day, so you may see some not-so-historical setups inside, but you’ll get the idea. Take the time to read the brochure about its history and the many ways it’s been used over the last thousand years. Some of it will surprise you!

The Roman Arena is conveniently located at one of the largest piazzas in town, so you will have plenty of lunch options to choose from after finishing up inside.

Taking it all in at the Roman Arena. Lights: not authentic; Arches: authentic!
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Afternoon: Churches

Full disclosure: my husband is Catholic, and he is very opposed to paying admission to go into a Catholic church. That said, the ticket for all four main churches in Verona is quite inexpensive, and they are four of the most beautiful and historic churches I’ve ever visited. I’d say it was worth the 12 Euros. We recommend starting your tour of the churches in early afternoon, and we suggest starting at San Fermo, since it will be the closest one to you on this itinerary. If you don’t make it to one before closing time, no worries, your ticket is good for your whole visit!

Be sure to check the opening times, as some churches close early on Saturdays and are not open on Sunday mornings. The brochure you’ll receive has all that information on it, so you don’t have to try to remember them all! Your admission price also includes an audio guide at each location (available in several languages), which is very helpful so you’ll know what you’re seeing and learn the significance!

San Fermo Church
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Day 4

Again, if you didn’t finish all the churches the day before, no worries! You’ll have a chance to finish them up today. Your ticket is good until December 31. You’ve only got one more day and lots more to see, so let’s get started!

Morning: Roman Theater Ruins and Museum

You probably noticed the Roman Theater Ruins on your way to Castle Pietra on Day 1. They open early at 8:00am, so it’s a good option for early risers, and that makes it easy to beat the crowds! The Theater itself is much smaller than the Arena, but the museum at the top, the artifacts, and the terrace are well worth the minimal admission price of just 5 Euros!

Roman Theater from above with a view of Verona!
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Mid-day: Finish Visiting the Churches

If you didn’t quite get to all four churches yesterday, take this opportunity to finish up, and grab an authentic lunch–we chose calzones instead of pizza from a little place near the Church of San Zeno Maggiore!

Afternoon: Castleveccio

Give yourself a Veronese send-off and visit Castleveccio. My favorite part of the castle is actually the bridge. The Nazis blew it up in 1942, but it meant so much to the Veronese people that instead of building a new one, they chose to dredge the river,find the original bricks, and rebuild it the way it was before. I love that kind of commitment to history!

Castleveccio Bridge

Ready to plan your own Veronese adventure? We highly recommend it! Want more? Check out my Italy Page! And don’t forget to take a look at What to Know Before You Visit Italy!

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