The Most Romantic Things to Do in Verona

Updated August 14, 2020.

Verona is my new favorite city! Steve granted my Valentine’s request and whisked me away to fair Verona, Italy, of Romeo and Juliet fame. The tale of Romeo and Juliet predates the Shakespearean play, but he certainly did make this beautiful city famous for centuries to come. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and it’s safe to say this is the most romantic trip we’ve ever taken, so I hope this post encourages you to start planning your trip soon! 

One of the many beautiful churches of Verona. What’s more romantic than walking down the aisle with someone you love, right?

Where to Stay

La Corte di Giulietta Exclusive Suites

This is one of the best accommodation decisions I’ve ever made–ever. It was a little nuts during opening hours at the Casa di Giulietta (House of Juliet), but the opportunity to have the courtyard to ourselves for a few hours every day was priceless! I mean, we had a key to the gate!

Aside from the total movie moment of looking out our window at Juliet’s balcony (way better than the view from her balcony!), it was also incredibly romantic. There are only three suites in this accommodation, two of which have a view of the balcony. The rooms are very private, and the suites are beautifully decorated. The owner and manager both did such a wonderful job of making the whole experience special for us, which made for a very romantic getaway! 

Don’t mind me, just posing with Juliet before I leave her my letter!
Get the details: Staying at La Corte di Giulietta

What to See

Verona truly is a magical city with such history, beautiful architecture, and a reputation as a city of love! Take the opportunity to enjoy long strolls, beautiful scenery, and romantic traditions!

  • Take the funicular or walk up to Pietro Castle
  • Visit Juliet’s House
  • Leave her a letter
  • Take in the views from Torre di Lamberti
  • Stroll along the River Adige hand in hand
Torre dei Lamberti decked out for Valentine’s Day, as seen from Piazza delle Erbe
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What to Eat

What’s a romantic getaway without a romantic meal? Whether your preference is to dine out, order for take away, or simply have dessert for supper, there are just some things with which you should treat yourself on a romantic vacation. 

  • Pizza and pasta at Little Italy
  • Gelato from any little gelato shop
  • Risotto with seasonal additions
  • A sweet (or two!) from a bakery
This gorgeous little Valentine’s Day cake was light and delicious! The perfect thing to split with my Love.
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Are you ready for your own romantic Veronese getaway? Tell me below! And visit my Italy Page for more!

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