Marchese Lounge, Verona Airport

Updated June 23, 2020.

Is there a lounge at the Verona Airport (VRN)? Yes there is! However, there are a few things to know about it before you make your way through security. This lounge is small, but clean and accommodating, and the seats are comfortable! Here’s the low-down on who can use the lounge, what’s availabe to you there, and just where exactly it’s located.

Who Can Use the Lounge?

We flew Air Dolomiti, part of the Lufthansa and Star Alliance families. If you, too, are Star Alliance Gold and are flying with either of those airlines, you will have access as well! Other airlines were listed as well, but I did not get a picture and do not remember them–whoops! Check with your airline to confirm. You may also be able to purchase a day pass.

Air Dolomiti, ready for take-off!

Where is the Marchese Lounge?

This is very important! This lounge is outside security. That’s right, you must visit the lounge before you go through security. Not to worry, all visitors will be given a “Fast Track” stamp on their boarding pass (or on a piece of paper if using a mobile boarding pass) so they can get through security as quickly as possible. Still err on the early side so you don’t miss your flight, though.

You can find this lounge up the escalator to your right as you enter the airport, just above the airline check-in desks.

What’s it Like?

It’s small, but that’s not a problem because VRN is a small airport. There are plenty of large, comfortable seats, including single-seating and couch-style. There are also several magazines and newspapers available in multiple languages to help you pass the time. You will also find free WiFi and flight monitors, too, so you’ll always know if anything changes with your flight time. Restrooms are available as well!

Be forewarned that there is a smoking lounge inside with a closed door, but if you’re very sensitive to smoke, you may want to skip this lounge.

One of the seating areas

What’s to Eat and Drink?

The best part of any lounge is complimentary access to food and beverages! Airline food is not reputed for its incredible taste, so having some options available before you board your flight is always helpful. We enjoyed pastries (sweet and savory), cookies, yogurt, espresso, coffee, juice, and water.

Sweet and Savory Snacks
Coffee or espresso, anyone?

With VRN being such a small airport, I was pleasantly surprised that there was a lounge to be used at all! I’m not a fan of lounges before security, but I did appreciate that we got a “fast track” through security after visiting.

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