What I Wore: Fall in Venice

Updated June 23, 2020.

It’s What I Wore Wednesday! We recently got back from a chilly weekend getaway in iconic Venice, Italy! It was a challenge to pack for this trip because of the temperature range and being surrounded by water, but here’s what I came up with. Heading to a climate with temperatures hovering around 40-50 degrees F? I hope this guide helps you find the right combination to pack for yourself!

On the Plane

Everyone needs to be comfortable on a long flight, especially overnight! This oversized sweater was perfect for keeping me warm and comfy on our overnight flight. The leggings are comfortable for all day and all night wear, and the boots are easy-on, easy-off. They even go right through TSA Pre-check security with no problems! I could wear these same leggings every day. That’s how amazing and comfortable they are.

Oh, and that scarf goes with every other outfit I packed as well. That’s a packing win!

In My Carry-on

If you’ve read any of my packing posts, you know I go carry-on only everywhere I go! I am a huge fan of simplicity and minimal packing, and knowing it would be in the 40s and 50s the whole time we’re there made it easy in that I wouldn’t be sweating–so I could wear at least one of these sweaters twice! The forecast also called for rain during our trip, so I forewent my puffy coat in favor of this warm, fleece-lined rain coat below. I also packed ear warmers, just in case!

Two tops, socks, and undies
Raincoat and ear warmers

We stayed at a hotel with a fitness center, which is nice because that’s an easy way to make ourselves wake up before we venture out onto the confusing streets of Venice (or fall into a canal!). That requires workout wear that’s easy to pack. Pro packing tip: Pack things you can leave behind–workout clothes you’re embarrassed to wear to your regular gym, that shirt with a hole in the armpit, socks with holes in the bottom, etc. If you plan to toss it out at home, make your packing job easier for the return trip and throw them out after one last wear abroad.

Workout wear!
Workout shoes


I kept the toiletries light on this trip. This is the bare bones of my toiletries, friends! This is contact solution, q-tips and extra contacts, dental floss, toothpaste (I got a toothbrush and more toothpaste in my airplane amenities kit), contacts case, makeup remover wipes, mascara, eyeliner, mousse, razor, deodorant, coconut oil. I’m usually very particular about my soap and conditioner, but I decided to challenge myself to use what they have at the hotel!

My toiletries bag contents

In My Purse

My carry-on backpack will have to go in the overhead bin, but my purse (also known as my “personal item”) will be staying with me on the flights. That’s my purse at the top, and below that we have my passport, phone charger, tea and sweetener, disposable slippers, compression socks, pens, small notebook, tissues, chapstick, travel mug, Venice reading material, and earbuds.

I am always glad I packed my mug and slippers, even though every time I do I first think, “That is so frivolous and they take up so much space!” But truly, staying hydrated on a flight is important, and this is an easy way to get that done. Those little cups of water just don’t cut it. As for the slippers, they’re much more comfortable than regular shoes, and putting my shoes back on just to go to the bathroom is a lot of trouble in those tiny economy class seats!

Contents of my travel purse.

What is always in your travel bag? Tell me below! And while you’re at it, check out my Packing Page for all my tips, hacks, and packing lists!

And for all things Venice, definitely explore my Italy Page!

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6 responses to “What I Wore: Fall in Venice”

  1. So you only took one pair of pants?

    1. Sure did! Fleece-lined black leggings. Warm enough for chilly weather but comfortable enough for long flights.

      1. Impressive.
        I also liked your comment on Pittsburgh. I used to live near there and always loved that city

      2. Haha! Thanks. For the record, I did wash them as soon as we got home. šŸ˜‰ And Iā€™m glad you liked it! My husband is from there, so I needed to start getting some material on the blog for Pittsburgh! šŸ–¤šŸ’›

  2. I always carry a scarf to use as a wrap in churches, around my neck for warmth, or to pull a basic outfit together.
    Carol from Carthage, TN

    1. Me, too! They are so handy; I almost never leave home without one!

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