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Updated August 14, 2020.

Ah, love! It’s beautiful, it’s fun, and it’s, well, lovely! Our Valentine’s trip to Verona was an absolute dream, and I kept thinking, “Wow! What a great spot to get engaged!” and, “Wow! What a beautiful view for an engagement! So if you’re planning an engagement or a trip to Verona, here are a few ideas to help you find just the right setting to pop the question!

At Arena di Verona (the Roman Arena)

I’m not sure why I was so surprised to see a plthora of Roman ruins in Verona—it’s Italy after all! This one is particularly impressive due to its size and the fact that it’s still regularly used for concerts and other events! Check out the event schedule to see if there’s a special event you’d like to attend. If not, it’s a beautiful backdrop during the day. Tell her she makes you feel like a gladiator to have her in your life, climb up to the top of the arena, and kneel down right then and there!

Arena di Verona by day.
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At the Finish Line of the Giulietta e Romeo 1/2 Marathon

My sweet husband and I met at a marathon. And I know a few people who have gotten engaged at the finish line. I think it’s terribly romantic! It’s always more fun to run with someone you love, and when she hears how you can encourage her, stick with her, and have fun with her through the miles, she’ll be sure to say “Yes!” when you drop to one knee at the finish line.

Giulietta e Romeo 1/2 Marathon finish line!
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At the Arco dei Gavi (the Roman Arch)

This dramatic arch is a bit overshadowed by the neighboring Castleveccio, but it’s a little bit private, beautifully situated by the River Adige, and certainly a testament to time and survival through trials! Ask someone nearby to take a photo, and maybe whisper in their ear that you’ll be proposing and you’d like it if they’d take as many pictures as possible. You’ll be glad to have the memory frozen in time!

The former grand entry into Roman Verona can be the gateway to your life together!
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At Pietra’s Castle Overlooking Verona

Whether you hike up the stairs or take the funicular, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of this fair city down below. You’ll see the city from one side to the other, and you can tell your future bride how much more beautiful she is!

Stunning views of fair Verona!
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At Romeo’s House

Let’s be honest: you’ll be hard-pressed to find some private time at Juliet’s house! But Romeo’s is just off the beaten path and not frequented by tourists taking selfies and leaving notes. Profess your undying love at the iconic character’s home in a tucked away, semi-private setting.

Romeo’s House; please respect that this is private property!
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On (or with a view of) One of the Historic Bridges

There is just something romantic about crossing a bridge together. I’ve gotten Steve into a habit of kissing me on every bridge we cross! And historic cities always have the most romantic bridges. There’s the classic brick Ponte Pietra where you can see sweeping views from either side, and we even saw a man playing piano on the bridge on a Friday morning—how romantic!

The view down Ponte Pietra Bridge.
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Or there’s the imposing Castleveccio Bridge with its medieval look and interesting history: the Germans destroyed it during World War II, so the people of Verona chose to rebuild it and even dredged the river to recover the original bricks! Tell her that your love for her is worth preserving like this bridge.

A side view of Ponte Castleveccio.
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At Torre dei Lamberti (Lamberti Tower)

I don’t know about you, but my husband and I both love to get a beautiful view of a new city. Torre dei Lamberti gave us just that! It’s very small up there at the top, so it’s an intimate setting. The floor is worn and a little uneven, so holding hands is a nice idea! And you can see for miles in all directions.

One of many beautiful views from the top of the Tower.
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Or perhaps you prefer to ask for her hand with a view of the Tower instead of from the Tower. It’s right off of a couple of lovely town squares, and it’s hard to miss it—just look up! It was especially beautiful on Valentine’s night:

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In the Aisle at One of the Historic Churches

This idea could be especially meaningful if you and your future fiance are quite religious. Verona has no shortage of beautiful, historic churches. Legend has it that Romeo and Juliet got married secretly in the crypt of the Basilica of San Zeno! Do a little research to figure out which church is the most beautiful to you or that would be the most meaningful, and take a little “practice walk” down the aisle before taking a knee!

San Anastasia Church
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In Front of Juliet Herself

You can visit Juliet’s Courtyard any day of the week between 8:30am and 7:30pm. If you like an audience, I suggest coming in the afternoon. If you prefer a more private proposal, I strongly advise you to arrive as close to 8:30am as possible! Take a photo of her, take a photo together, and then ask someone to take a photo of you while you propose!

Don’t forget to leave a note for Juliet to tell her the good news!
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On Juliet’s Balcony

The famous balcony is only big enough for two, so it’s a perfect place to get cozy! Go ultra-romantic after your tour of the house and ask your girlfriend to stay on the balcony for a minute. Get yourself down to the courtyard, and make sure she’s looking down at you, her Romeo, as you get down on one knee. Memorize some of Romeo’s lines from the play to really impress her. What girl could refuse that?!

Juliet and her infamous balcony!
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Need more ideas? Ask the kind folks at your accommodation. They’ll know all the best places and can even give you insider information about when (so you can have the best light while also avoiding crowds), where, and how you can create a memorable engagement experience!

Would you want a destination engagement? Did you get engaged on travel? Tell me below! Already engaged and looking for that perfect honeymoon spot? Check out my post all about Perfect Honeymoon Destinations! And for more on Verona, check out my Italy Page, too.

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