Letters to Juliet: Movie Moments in Verona

Updated August 14, 2020.

It’s #MovieNight! If you’ve been following along on Instagram lately, you know we spent Valentine’s Day and weekend in fair Verona, made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet!

The Storyline

Sophie and her fiancee are off to Italy for their “pre-wedding honeymoon,” since her fiancee will be too busy after the wedding to spend time with her. Ironically, he’s also too busy to spend time with her on their Italian getaway!

So Sophie goes exploring on her own and stumbles upon Juliet’s courtyard and the many crying women who are writing agonizing letters to Juliet. When Sophie tries her hand at responding to one long-forgotten letter she finds in the wall, little does she know her own fate is about to change!

Juliet with her many, many letters from lovers all over the world!
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The Sites

Juliet’s Courtyard and Balcony

“Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo?” Even if you’ve never read or seen the play (or any of the movie versions), you very likely know this famous line. This is the place where it all happened, folks!

Juliet is forever in her courtyard, her balcony just above her.
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Have Your Own Letters to Juliet Movie Moment!

Write a Letter to Juliet

In the movie, Sophie goes to Juliet’s house by herself and begins to write her own letter to Juliet. When a woman comes and takes the letters people had been leaving all day long, Sophie follows her and discovers that she is one of Juliet’s secretaries who replies to all the letters! So go write your own letter to Juliet, whether it’s about lost love, husband problems, boyfriend problems, or simply your condolences for Juliet and her Romeo. You might just get a response!

Leave your letter for Juliet, and perhaps you’ll get a reply!
Bring a sharpie and leave your mark on the designated area at the entrance!
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Look Down from the Infamous Balcony

It’s true! You can re-enact the famous balcony scene with your own Romeo, or just take in the view.

A quick step-out onto the balcony at Juliet’s House!
A look down from Juliet’s Balcony!
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Stay in the Same Courtyard

This was amazing! Steve and I stayed at La Corte di Giulietta Exclusive Suites. It’s a truly exclusive, luxury experience! There are only three rooms, two of which overlook Juliet’s balcony and courtyard. You can basically be Juliet for the night!

An exclusive photo shoot in the courtyard!
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Have Your Own Movie Night

Invite your girlfriends, whip up some classic Italian food (or order in!), and don’t forget theĀ tiramisu for dessert! Rent it with Amazon Prime here, or get your copy of Letters to Juliet here:

Also, did you know the movie is based on a true story?! Get the book here:

Are you ready for a trip to fair Verona? Tell me below, and check out my Italy Page for more!

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