What to Know Before You Visit Verona

Updated August 14, 2020.

It’s more than just Romeo and Juliet, my friends! Steve and I had such a great time in Verona, Italy, over Valentine’s weekend. It was my second time in Italy, but my first time to Verona! Steve has been to several cities in Italy, but it was also his first time in this beautiful town! I love when we can have a “first” travel experience together.

As much as we travel, however, there are always some things we wish we’d known before we went. Whether it’s how to get somewhere, exactly where to get the perfect angle for epic photos, or what we should have packed, we always want to give other travelers a heads-up so you can be prepared, too!


I highly recommend trying out the DuoLingo app! You can learn some useful Italian before your trip, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to pick up on what people around you are saying!

Beyond that, here are some useful Italian words:

  • Buongiorno: (bon-jor-no) “Good morning”
  • Pronto: (pron-tow) “Hello”
  • Ciao: (chow) “Hello” and “Goodbye”
  • Arrivederci: (uh-ree-vuh-der-chi) “See you later”
  • Prego: (pray-go) “You are welcome”; as in “you’re welcome” and also, “go ahead”
  • Grazie: (grat-zee) “Thank you”
  • Piazza: (pi-at-zah) “Square”; as in, town square
  • Ponte: (pon-tay) “Bridge”
Ponte di Castleveccio: Old Castle Bridge
The Veronese loved this bridge so much they rebuilt it with the same bricks after the Germans blew it up during WWII.
Helpful info: Words to Learn in the Local Language

How to Get There

We had many good experiences on our trip to Verona, and two of them were in the getting there! You can fly right into Verona from many places. We flew from Washington, D.C., to Frankfurt, then down to Verona on my new favorite airline: Air Dolomiti.

Next was the bus. I am not a bus advocate in many places, but the bus from the airport was frequent and easy! You take the Airport Shuttle from right outside the airport to the bus station, then take almost any bus from there. It’s 6 Euros for the whole trip, when a cab ride would cost 30-35 Euros!

It’s the same process on the way back. Buses to the bus station come frequently, and the Airport Shuttle runs every 20 minutes.

Tickets back to the airport on our way home!
Love this: Air Dolomiti: My New Favorite Airline

Where to Stay

I am a major advocate for staying in the city center wherever you travel. Most cities around the world, especially older cities, are very walkable. You’ll save so much money on transportation if you can just walk to the places you want to go for free!

There are a ton of places to stay in old town Verona, but the prime location is La Corte di Giulietta–the Courtyard of Juliet! You will have the courtyard at Juliet’s house all to yourself (and the best view of the famous balcony) if you choose to stay here. It’s also incredibly romantic!

The view from our room during Casa di Giulietta opening hours! We had it to ourselves between 7:30pm and 8:30am!
Read all about it: Staying at La Corte di Giulietta

What to Bring

This, of course, depends on the time of year for your trip, but there are a few things you should be sure to pack all year ’round!

A Note for Juliet

It’s true! You can write a letter to Juliet and leave it in the courtyard for her. If you also put your return address on it, you just might get a reply from the Secretaries of Juliet! It’s a group of real ladies employed by the city of Verona to reply to Juliet’s mail.

My letter to Juliet!
Keep reading: How to Have Letters to Juliet Movie Moments in Verona!

A Sharpie

I should have brought a sharpie! Many couples–and solo travelers!–want to leave their mark on Verona, the City of Love. And you can! There are areas around Juliet’s courtyard dedicated to just that. Bring a permanent marker and declare your love forever!

Wall of love at Juliet’s Courtyard!

A Love Lock

There are cities all over the world where you can lock your love forever. Steve and I have done that in Guam, but I didn’t think to bring a lock to Verona! You can buy one at one of the shops in town, but you might consider bringing your own, maybe even this one that can be engraved with your name or initials!

Love locks are scattered throughout the city!
More here: Romantic Things to Do in Verona

Your Love

The most important thing to bring with you is… your Love! It was fun to walk around hand in hand, go for morning runs together, and stop in the middle of the sidewalk or piazza for an unexpected kiss—everyone was doing it! This was seriously the most romantic place I’ve ever been, and it was even more special because I got to experience it with my Love!

Just a romantic run to Romeo’s House on our last day in fair Verona!
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