The World’s Most Perfect Honeymoons

Updated May 31, 2020.

Ah, love! It makes the world go ’round, so they say. Perhaps you’re reading this because you’re in throws of wedding planning, and perhaps you’re just longing for a break from it all. I know for my own wedding planning it seemed like everything was going wrong (well, mostly because it was!). I left the honeymoon planning up to my sweet, soon-to-be husband, and he did a fantastic job! So whether you or the love of your life will be the one planning your honeymoon, here are some suggestions to help you dream!

An Island

Every year for our anniversary, Steve and I choose an island. Why? Because an island is isolated in the best possible way. There’s only so far you can go. It’s an inherently relaxing place to be—any island. Some romantic personal favorites (and a few dreams of mine!) are the Hawaiian Islands, Guam, Nantucket, Easter Island, the Maldives, French Polynesia, or the Caribbean Islands!

Lovers at I’ao Valley on the Valley Isle
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A Fairytale Beginning

What bride wouldn’t want to be swept away to a land of castles and “happily ever afters”? And what groom wouldn’t want to be the knight in shining armor to take her there? Whether you elect to find accommodations in a castle, enjoy an epic castle view, or perhaps take a grand tour of the castles of Europe, what an epically romantic way to spend your first days together as husband and wife! Some destinations to look into include little Liechtenstein, Germany, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Poland, or perhaps Romania!

Vaduz Castle, Liechtenstein. Can you believe we had this view from our hotel?!

Old World Europe

Along the lines of a fairytale, old world Europe is full of history, beautiful mountain ranges, the most adorable little villages you’ve ever seen, churches big and small, cobblestone streets, and epic folklore going back a thousand years or more. My sweet husband chose Scandinavia for our honeymoon (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden), and it was more charming and lovely than I ever imagined! More options include, Venice, Scotland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Colmar, France! Want a bit of Europe but can’t afford to fly over “the Pond”? Try French-Canadian Montreal!

A romantic gondola ride in Venice! A girlhood dream come true!
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Seasonal Delights

Unless you’re like us and you just can’t wait to get married (we were only engaged 5 months, but I would have walked down the aisle the same day he asked me!), you likely chose your wedding date according to a favorite season. Why not take a trip that will highlight what you love about it? Perhaps Japan in springtime for the cherry blossoms, Nova Scotia for a mild and beautiful summer trip, New England for the best of fall foliage, or stunning Switzerland for a snowy, cozy, winter wonderland trip?

Keeping warm together at the leaning tower in St. Moritz, Switzerland!
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Maybe you both love camping, hiking, and the great outdoors! Whether you want to spend your honeymoon hiking on glaciers, exploring the desert, or seeing unique wildlife up-close and personal, there is a romantic honeymoon destination for you! The Galapagos Islands, the Australian Outback, Iceland, New Zealand, and the Big Island of Hawaii are all perfect options for outdoorsy couples looking to get lost in nature!

Still in love after hiking straight up from the Waipi’o Valley!
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A Cruise

After planning and executing a successful wedding, you and your new spouse may very well want to experience the ultimate in relaxation and yet see the maximum locations possible. A cruise is the honeymoon for you! You unpack once, you get off the boat in a new place every day or perhaps every other day, you enjoy cruise activities, you eat what you want, and you have the least stressful honeymoon ever! My college roommate and her husband enjoyed their Caribbean cruise, another friend and her husband treated themselves to a Mediterranean cruise for their 10th anniversary, and with river cruises growing more and more popular around the world, you can choose to cruise through Europe, Egypt, or even the United States!

Sunsets at sea! Taken as our ship sailed away from stunning Antigua.
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Are you ready for your honeymoon of a lifetime? Allow me to give you my best wishes for a smooth wedding, and don’t let yourself worry about the details—the most fun happens after the wedding is over! Marriage is a happy lifetime, not a single day!

Want more? I have a whole “Couple Travel” section on my Travel Tips Page!

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