How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in Stowe, Vermont

Updated July 21, 2020.

Looking for a romantic getaway? Might I suggest beautiful Stowe, Vermont? This quaint, sweet New England town is seemingly made of charm, and there are plenty of places to find just the right romantic moment. Vermont is beautiful in all seasons, but we got to enjoy peak foliage there this fall. Take a look and start planning your own romantic getaway now!

Some of these items are on Trapp Family Lodge property, where I highly recommend staying for your romantic getaway! But if you’re not staying there, you can still visit for the day. Just stop by the front desk for information about day passes, tours, and events going on that day!

10. Visit the Chapel in the Woods

The two eldest von Trapp boys, Werner and Rupert, went back to Europe to fight in Italy during World War II—on skis, no less! Werner was pinned down by gunfire at one point, and he made a deal with God: if God would get him out alive, he would build a chapel on the family property. And that’s just what he did, by hand, for seven years after returning home. You can take a guided hike or simply hike up yourself to take in the peaceful spot and enjoy the beauty all around with you loved one.

A sweet smooch at the chapel in the woods.

9. Make Friends with Some Animals

I don’t know about you, but my sweet husband has a soft spot for animals, and that’s one of the many reasons I love him so much! Check out the sheep, chickens, and cattle on the Trapp Family Lodge property. You can even participate in a “Meet the Cows” talk!

Sweet sheep! The grass was WAY more interesting than we were!

8. Catch a Sunset or Sunrise

There is no shortage of beautiful sunrises and sunsets in and around Stowe. There is so much land and so much open space—just look around! My husband and I are early risers, so we often catch the nice sunrises. But sunsets are just as pretty, especially for the later crowd!

Sunrise peeking through the clouds as seen from our balcony.

7. Go for a Scenic Drive

When you drive through stunning Stowe, you will feel like you’ve stepped back in time. And when you reach over to hold your loved one’s hand, you’ll feel that all is beautiful and right with the world. Keep your eyes peeled for beauty, covered bridges, and perhaps the occasional moose!

The perfect Vermont fall drive!
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6. Share an Ice Cream at the Ben & Jerry’s Factory

It’s true! You can take a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory, visit the Flavor Graveyard, and get all your favorite flavors just a short drive from Stowe! I suggest going early (they open at 9:00am!) to avoid incredibly long lines, and make sure you stop by their gift shop or on-site ice cream shop for a scoop or two to share! We went for a whole pint of the #1 flavor: Half Baked!

Quick stop at the Flavor Graveyard!
We finished the pint in one sitting. We are not ashamed!
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5. Go for a Long, Romantic Hike

One of our favorite things to do on our travels is to go for a long, romantic hike. I like that I can reach out for a strong hand to help me up, and I think he likes to be the strong man who gets to help me. We have some of our most interesting conversations on our hikes, and we certainly get to see some of the most beautiful scenery and romantic views!

I would follow that cutie-patootie anywhere!
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4. Stay at the Trapp Family Lodge

I will not mince my words: this trip was a dream come true, many years in the making! I don’t know why—maybe I always figured they’d be booked up, or it was far too expensive, or it wouldn’t be as good as I hoped, and that would just break my little heart. But none of that deterred my sweet husband. I told him I’d always wanted to go, and he made it happen at peak fall foliage! It’s charming, beautiful, and romantic with its Austrian architecture, family history on display, and privacy. Even though we visited during high “leaf peeping” season, there were plenty of times when we looked around and found ourselves to be the only people in sight. It’s as if those were our mountains!

Lovers at the Trapp Family Lodge
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3. Stroll Hand-in-hand in Downtown Stowe

You won’t find a McDonald’s, Starbucks, or Taco Bell in Stowe, and that’s all part of its appeal for those of us who want to get away from “the world” with our loved ones. It seems as if every business there is a family-owned business. There’s a malt shop, yarn shop, general store, and even a museum dedicated to skiing and snowboarding! A quick walk in and around town will reveal church steeples, covered bridges, and winding 2-lane roads, all nestled in the mountains that reminded the von Trapps of their Apline homeland.

Church in the Valley
Covered Pedestrian Bridge to Downtown Stowe

2. Take a Carriage Ride

Can you really call yourself a romantic if you don’t love a cozy carriage ride in the woods? I think not! The realist thinks of the horse smell and the bumpy ride. A romantic thinks only of the cuddling, the old-fashionedness, and the magical feeling of being in a real-life fairytale.

Carriage Ride at Trapp Family Lodge

1. Get Married or Renew Your Vows

It’s the ultimate in romance: marrying your one, true love! Or better yet, recommitting yourselves after years of growing together and working alongside each other. And what better place than in the aptly-named “Wedding Meadow” at the Trapp Family Lodge? You can see why many a couple has chosen this spot for their vows!

Trapp Family Lodge Wedding Meadow: No filter, no edits; this photo was perfect as taken with only the help of mother nature’s sunrise.

I would like to note that I was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions are my own, as always!

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