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10 Reasons to Visit Guam


If you’ve been following my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages, you know I just got back from a beautiful, tropical island paradise… Guam! I’ll be posting some tips and other fun Guam posts next week, but for this Faraway Friday, here are 10 reasons YOU should consider a trip to Guam!

10. Love Birds

Though I don’t know if these lovely parrots are native to Guam, they sure are pretty! Look how sweet!


9. Spanish History

If you read my blog much at all, you know I’m a history lover! Guam had already been settled for many hundreds of years before Magellan came and “discovered” it (and then died shortly thereafter), but Spain’s possession of Guam made it very important in their shipping route between the Philippines and Acapulco, Mexico, as well as had a profound impact on the island and its people that still resonates today!

View from Magellan’s Monument
Cannon at a Spanish Fort
8. Outdoor Activities

Guam is the first place where I’ve ever stand-up paddle boarded! Tumon Bay is very calm and clear, thanks to the rocks and reef that break the waves several yards from the shoreline. That made for a perfect first paddle boarding experience! You can also swim, kayak, hike to waterfalls, take a jungle cruise, and more!

A soggy hike!
7. World War II History

Fancy yourself a WWII enthusiast? You need to come to Guam. They were right in the thick of things during the War in the Pacific, and the US still holds two military bases on the island. You can dive to shipwrecks and plane crashes, and the island’s Museum of the War in the Pacific is fascinating.

Globe showing who was involved in the War in the Pacific
Network of tunnels created by Chamorro and Filipino forced labor
6. Two Lovers’ Point

There are “Love Lock” locations all over the world, and Guam has a meaningful one of its own. Two Lovers’ Point is the place where two forbidden lovers decided to cast themselves off a cliff and into the Philippine Sea instead of live knowing they had to be apart. It’s also a beautiful lookout point!

We were there! SteveO and Quick Whit, lovers forever!
I promise he loves me; the sun was in his eyes!
View from Two Lovers’ Point
5. Laid Back Locals

Why are these shoes hanging from the power lines? Because after a muddy hike to Tarzan Falls, you need to do something with those shoes. This is also how you know you’ve reached the trailhead that takes you to Tarzan Falls. Because, why not? The people in Guam are also incredibly friendly. Everyone was helpful, everyone was smiling, everyone made us feel welcome!

That’s how you know you made it to Tarzan Falls Trail!
4. The Colors of Guam

Guam is an island paradise, and its color scheme fits the bill. Vibrant flowers against a verdant background against the blues of the ocean and sky, sunrises and sunsets… the colors of Guam take my breath away.




3. Rainbows

We went to Guam in the dry season, but it still rained a little every day! And each day we spotted at least one rainbow. As the clouds roll out, the promise of blue skies and sunshine appears for just a few moments, so be on the lookout.



2. Chamorro History and Culture

The Chamorro people are found only on Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. Their Latte Stones, pictured below, were made here are only here, not on any other island chain or region of the world. They were made to hold up thatched roofs, and each one is a little different. They had their own caste system that even determined where certain people could fish. They were incredible fishers and sailors, and their culture lives on despite such hardship and multiple occupations from many different countries.


 1. The Story of this Symbol

This is the Great Seal of Guam, and this is the location on which it is based. A typhoon swept everything away that was here before at the location where the Agana River empties into the Philippine Sea, except for a lone coconut tree, visible though the seal. The coconut tree is a symbol of the Chamorro determination. The proa boat is a symbol of the Chamorro people’s skill in sailing the Pacific Ocean. And Two Lovers’ Point in the background symbolizes the faithfulness to the cause of the Chamorro people.


So what do you think? Are you ready to fly to gorgeous Guam?

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  1. I have a few friends from Guam but for some reason you don’t hear of many people going there to travel. I like to go to some of some of the less talked about places, so maybe I should add Guam to my list. I also like places that have a lot of outdoor activities so that looks perfect.

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