10 Reasons to Visit New England in Fall

Updated July 20, 2020.

There are few places more beautiful than New England in the fall. As a Summer Girl, I have to look for reasons to be excited for the fall season. What can possibly get me excited for an end of summer, shorter days, and cooler temps? My recent trip up to Vermont gave me a few good reasons!

10. Hearty New England Meals

Fresh cream? Check. Fresh cheese? Check. Farm-to-table meat? Check. Maple Syrup? Check. Carbs? Check, check, check! That hearty New England fare sure tastes good, but it’s functional as well as tasty: if you’re staying in New England for the winter, you’ll need some meat on those bones! The Central European influence is strong, meaning you’ll find soft pretzels, schnitzel, spaetzel, potatoes of every form, cheese, apple strudel, and more! We ate well on our trip, that’s for sure!

Soft Pretzels with two kinds of homemade mustard and cheese dip. Large enough for a meal, but it was just our appetizer!
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9. Covered Bridges

Is it just me, or do covered bridges look like they belong to fall? I know they’re there all year round, lovely in every season, but they just seem to fit in best with the fall colors and the chilly vibe of a crisp, fall day. They always kind of look like they could collapse at any moment, and yet they still stand, weathering it all. New England seems to have a disproportionate number of these lovely fall favorites.

Gold Brook Covered Bridge in Stowe, VT

8. Crisp Fall Air

This one is really my husband’s favorite and not mine, but I’ll admit, the chill does get you into a fall-ish mood! The D.C. summers (and early fall this year) are quite sweltering. The humidity can get out of control! So it was a shocking relief to feel the dry, cool, air and get the real feeling of fall!

Beauty on a cool fall morning.

7. All-American Scenery

One of the most popular American Bucket List items is to visit New England at peak foliage. There’s even a name for the people who flock to New England in fall: Leaf Peepers! That was Steve and me this year. We were those leaf peeper people.

Leaf Peeping!

6. The Great Outdoors

Let’s be real: Outdoor activities are less sweaty, less smelly, and less buggy than in summer! So visit New England in fall for farm tours, hikes, a beautiful run, and more! Vermont is known for its maple sugaring and farm-to-table dining culture, so take full advantage and support the local, family-owned businesses!

Jumping for fall joy!
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5. Adorable Small Towns

I grew up in a small town in the South. I know a cute small town when I see one, and I saw several in Vermont! Not the least of which is Stowe. No chain businesses, European-influenced architecture, and some of the best home-cooked meals you’ve ever had!

How sweet is this shot just up the hill from Stowe?
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4. All Maple, All the Time

You can get maple syrup, maple candies, and maple everything in Vermont all year round, but to me, maple tastes like fall! The maple syrup really does taste better up there, too. I don’t know how or why, but it does. We got to see how it’s harvested right from the trees at the Trapp Family Lodge!

Maple on tap!

3. Rustic Lodges

There are plenty of places to ski in Vermont, and that means there are also plenty of cozy lodges to enjoy, too! We stayed at the Trapp Family Lodge, and it was a perfect “lodge experience”: antlers, wood, taxidermy, hot drinks available, hearty food, activities of every sort, and views you have to see to believe! To me, that is a classic New England experience!

Trapp Family Lodge

2. Hiking

The best way to see nature is to get out in it. And our favorite way to do that is to go for a long, romantic, beautiful hike! The fall is the best time to hike because it’s cool, the bugs have already gone on their merry way, and there are usually fewer people out than in the summer! So pack some water and snacks, bring your camera to capture the beauty, and wear layers to be removed as you warm up!

Off on an adventure!
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1. Vibrant Colors!

This is the reason “leaf peeping” is a real thing: the incredible colors of fall! From the blues of cloudless skies, to stunning sunrises and sunsets, to peak foliage in reds, oranges, yellows, and greens, fall colors are the stuff of dreams.

Taking in the sunrise with a cow. Check out the colors all around!

Ready to plan your own New England fall vacation? Comment below! And for more all-American adventures, check out my United States Page!

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