The Best 10 Romantic Things to Do in Montreal

Updated August 1, 2022.

Happy Valentine’s Day! This Travel Tip Tuesday is all about romance and love. My sweet husband whisked me away for a romantic weekend in snowy Montreal, Canada! Here are our recommendations for the top 10 romantic sites and activities in romantic Montreal!

10. Breakfast at a Cafe

Nothing kicks off a romantic weekend like a beautiful and tasty breakfast! We ate at the Restaurant Bonaparte, and since we’re morning people, we got the whole restaurant to ourselves! We picked our own table by the window so we could watch the snow gently fall. Crepes, anyone?

Fresh orchid
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9. Romantic Stroll through the Botanical Gardens

Montreal gets to be a special kind of cold around Valentine’s Day, so take a break from the cold and enjoy the colorful experience! Maybe steal a kiss on one of the many bridges throughout indoor the gardens.

The cutest little pineapple ever
The stark contrast
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8. Take a Carriage Ride

This is SO not Steve’s idea of fun or romance, but it is mine! I’ve wanted to take a romantic carriage ride in the snow for years, and I got my wish this Valentine’s weekend! Sure it was a little smelly, sure it was frigid, but we had a awning over us, blankets across our laps, and each other to keep ourselves warm!

Enjoying the experience
Trotting along
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7. Visit the “Most Popular Place to Get Married” in Montreal

Inside Notre Dame Basilica, tucked away in the back, is a beautiful, golden chapel. Our tour guide told us it is the most popular place to get married in all of Montreal. It’s smaller and more intimate than the Basilica itself, yet still romantic.

Chapel at Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal
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 6. Hike Mont Royal

Bundle up and get ready for a romantic hike in the woods! Even as cold as it was and as early as we started (around 8:00), there were several other hikers, runners, and even skiers tackling Montreal’s namesake mountain! The pristine snowflakes fell softly on the whole hike. There is a huge chalet at the top of the mountain with hot drink machines, bathrooms, and Adirondack chairs inside so you can enjoy the view of Montreal from the large windows! But don’t be too scared to step outside. It’s called Lovers’ Lookout!

Hold my hand!
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5. Share a Fondue Meal

Creamy cheese, fresh breads and vegetables, and two skewers. Nothing says romantic like sharing a warm meal with your Love while snow blankets the streets just outside your window!

My Love and I
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 4. Stay at an Adorable Boutique Hotel

We can personally recommend a stay at the Auberge Bonaparte! The staff are all incredibly kind and helpful (all the way down to extra toothbrushes and toothpaste when you forget yours!), the rooms are decorated with beautiful historical details, and the location in the heart of Old Montreal cannot be beat.

A warm welcome…
…with a roaring “fire”
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 3. Watch the Snow Fall

Whether you’re sipping a coffee, splitting a pastry, or watching the planes come in during a snow storm (an unexpected romantic moment for us!), seeing the snow fall outside is a sure-fire way to get your loved one in a snuggly mood!

Watching the planes come in despite the snow!
The view from Lovers’ Point
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2. Take in a Museum or Two

Stroll the cobbled streets of Old Montreal and duck into a museum for warmth and ambience! Take yourselves back in time at the Chateau de Ramezay or one of Montreal’s other 30+ museums. Many old buildings and artifacts need to live in a dimly lit, climate controlled place, and that will give you a chance to hold hands skin to skin–sans gloves!

Mood lighting
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 1. Walk Down the Aisle where Celine Dion Married Rene Angelil

How much more romantic does it get? The aisle down the center of Notre Dame Basilica is truly breath-taking. Hold hands with your Love and reminisce about your own walk, or if you’re brave enough, think about your future walk down an aisle!

Notre Dame Basilica
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What do you think? Do you dream of a romantic weekend getaway to chillier climes? Check out my Canada Page for more!

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