Best Movie Moments of 2019

It’s #MovieNight! As 2019 comes to a rapid close, it’s high time for my yearly round-up of this year’s blog theme, the Year of Movie Moments! In my life I’ve had some real-life movie moments. Like that time I was walking to the Metro in the rain on my way to work and a busContinue reading “Best Movie Moments of 2019”

Casablanca: Movie Moments in Morocco

It’s #movienight, and we’re showcasing my all-time favorite movie: Casablanca! It’s one of the most iconic movies of all time, and with good reason: all those one-liners, a complex love triangle, escape from faraway lands, corruption, and excellently timed comic relief!  The Storyline Europe is in the throes of World War II, and many peopleContinue reading “Casablanca: Movie Moments in Morocco”

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: Movie Moments in Pittsburgh

Tom Hanks is making a movie about Mr. Rogers set to come out later this year! Mr. Rogers truly inspired us all. He taught us all that we’re all worthwhile, and we all have good inside us. He told us that when things go wrong, we should “look for the helpers.” So on your next trip to Pittsburgh, be sure to add these sites to your list!

National Treasure: Movie Moments in Revolutionary America

It’s #MovieNight! One of my favorites since moving to D.C. is definitely National Treasure! I really like Nicolas Cage, and you know history is my thing! My husband and I re-watched it recently on Netflix, so I was inspired to include it in my Year of Movie Moments. Check it out!