What to Know Before You Visit Alnwick, England

Never heard of Alnwick? No worries! It’s a beautiful little village in Northumberland, near the northeast coast of England. You may not recognize the name, but you will probably recognize its castle from the likes of Harry Potter, Transformers, Downton Abbey, Robin Hood, and more movies and TV shows! If you find yourself wanting toContinue reading “What to Know Before You Visit Alnwick, England”

White Star Line Trip of a Lifetime

The Titanic has captured people’s interest, imaginations, sympathy, and sorrow for over a hundred years now, and my younger brother is a superfan! And apparently so are a lot of other people. If you or a loved one have a particular interest in the Titanic, the White Star Line, or cruising in general, here’s your quick list of White Star Line sites, museums, and experiences!

Unusual Things about Alnwick, England

Our time in Alnwick was far too short, but I couldn’t stop being amazed everywhere I looked! Alnwick has found recent incredible fame as home to the Hogwarts (Alnwick Castle), but there’s so much more to it than that! The whole reason I went there was to have dinner with my brother at the WhiteContinue reading “Unusual Things about Alnwick, England”

London in 2 Days

Everyone will tell you two days in London is not enough—and they’re right if your goal is to see and do everything! But if your goal is to make the absolute most of your time, I have the itinerary you need! I’m a huge proponent of traveling when and how you can, never waiting until theContinue reading “London in 2 Days”

How to Plan a Day Trip to Highclere Castle

Who has ever wanted to visit Highclere? Basically everyone who’s ever seen Downton Abbey or is at all interested in English history! It’s still the ancestral home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, and its story goes much deeper than Downton. There are definitely some things to know before you go, though, so here isContinue reading “How to Plan a Day Trip to Highclere Castle”

Staying at the Legendary Savoy Hotel, London

It’s true! Steve and I got to stay at the legendary Savoy Hotel in London. You know it’s fancy when the address is simply, “The Savoy, London,” no further instruction needed. The Hotel’s History While it’s only been a hotel since 1889, the history of the Savoy goes back to the year 1246! Count PeterContinue reading “Staying at the Legendary Savoy Hotel, London”

Downton Abbey: Movie Moments at Highclere Castle

Now it’s inevitable, friends. The Downton Abbey Movie is coming! Its release date is September 20 in the U.S., so mark your calendars and start planning your trip now—things will pick up significantly after the movie comes out! *Some links below are affiliate links, meaning that by purchasing from these links, you will be helping myContinue reading “Downton Abbey: Movie Moments at Highclere Castle”