Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: Movie Moments in Pittsburgh

Tom Hanks is making a movie about Mr. Rogers set to come out later this year! Mr. Rogers truly inspired us all. He taught us all that we’re all worthwhile, and we all have good inside us. He told us that when things go wrong, we should “look for the helpers.” So on your next trip to Pittsburgh, be sure to add these sites to your list!

What to Know Before You Visit Pittsburgh

Heading to Pittsburgh soon? It’s no longer just a steel-gray city with rough winters. Pittsburgh has been experiencing a rebirth in recent years, and its enjoyed a major tourism boom to match it! So if the Steel City is on your list, here is a quick run-down of things to know before you go!

10 Things to Do in Pittsburgh

This week, we’re not going too far–just over to Pittsburgh, where my sweet husband grew up. We go out there two to three times each year, but I realized I have very little on the blog about Pittsburgh! So to make up for that deficit, here are 10 things you should do if every you find yourself in the ‘Burgh!

Christmas in Pittsburgh

Merry Christmas! It’s Merry Monday, my readers! My sweet husband and I went to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving with his family, but I made sure we did some Christmassy things while we were there! If you are heading to Pittsburgh this Christmas season or in the coming years, here are the things you should put on your “to do” list!