The Ultimate Date Night In Box Review for Travelers

As you may have noticed, travel hasn’t been too popular this year! Or maybe it’s been too popular, in the sense that “you always want what you can’t have.” Either way, I wanted to do something special for Steve’s birthday this year. Usually, we travel for events like anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and the like, but that wasn’t a possibility this year.

The Man Who Knew Too Much: Movie Moments in Marrakech

It’s the Year of Movie Moments for the blog! And Morocco has an awful lot of movie moments to choose from. Did you know they have their own “Hollywood” in a place called Ouarzazate? Many epic and legendary movies have been set or filmed in Morocco, including this week’s feature film: The Man Who KnewContinue reading “The Man Who Knew Too Much: Movie Moments in Marrakech”

Casablanca: Movie Moments in Morocco

It’s #movienight, and we’re showcasing my all-time favorite movie: Casablanca! It’s one of the most iconic movies of all time, and with good reason: all those one-liners, a complex love triangle, escape from faraway lands, corruption, and excellently timed comic relief!  The Storyline Europe is in the throes of World War II, and many peopleContinue reading “Casablanca: Movie Moments in Morocco”

Movie Moments: Hawaii Adventure Movie Night

Updated May 2020. Ready for an adventure? Look no further than Hawaii, collectively one of the most-filmed locations in the world! The movie doesn’t have to be set in Hawaii to use the islands as a backdrop. Did you know Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, and even Avatar have parts filmed in or inspired by Hawaii?Continue reading “Movie Moments: Hawaii Adventure Movie Night”

Movie Moments: Hawaii Drama Movie Night

It’s #MovieNight! Our trip to Hawaii is coming closer by the day, and we are so ready to get there. This year we’re headed to the less visited and rather dramatic island of Molokai, site of Hawaii’s former leper colony. This is the last movie night before we go, so pick your favorite or tryContinue reading “Movie Moments: Hawaii Drama Movie Night”

Movie Moments: Hawaii Family Movie Night

The countdown is ON! Steve and I are planning our yearly trip to Hawaii for our anniversary, and it was too impossible to pick just one movie to represent Hawaii. So I decided to do a series of movie nights highlighting all my favorites and the most notable! This week we’re going family friendly. Check outContinue reading “Movie Moments: Hawaii Family Movie Night”

Movie Moments: Hawaii Chick Flick Movie Night

It’s #MovieNight! Grab your girlfriends (or your adoring significant other), some movie food, and one of these movies, and you’ll have a recipe for the perfect chick flick movie night—or movie marathon! It’s impossible for me to pick just one Hawaii movie for the Year of Movie Moments, so in honor of our upcoming 5thContinue reading “Movie Moments: Hawaii Chick Flick Movie Night”