What’s Worth the Money on Your Trip to D.C.

One of the things I looked forward to most when moving to D.C. was all the FREE things to do! Free museums, free concerts, free shows, free tours… it was perfect for a broke, unemployed, college graduate! With so many free places to go and things to do, museums you actually have to pay forContinue reading “What’s Worth the Money on Your Trip to D.C.”

7 Things to Do in Chinatown, D.C.

Chinatown is one of D.C.’s most well-known neighborhoods, thanks in no small part to the amazing food, Smithsonian Portrait Gallery, and CapitalOne Arena! Plan to spend a few hours here to see (and eat!) everything! 7. See the Mary Surratt House Who’s Mary Surratt? She’s the first woman every hanged in the United States. Why?Continue reading “7 Things to Do in Chinatown, D.C.”

7 Things to Do in Foggy Bottom

No, really, that’s the name of the neighborhood! Foggy Bottom is one of the oldest neighborhoods in D.C. You’ll find it on the Blue, Silver, and Orange Metro Lines, but the thing you’ll notice about it first is that George Washington University (GWU) and GW Hospital are located here. The next things you’ll notice areContinue reading “7 Things to Do in Foggy Bottom”

Where to Eat in Foggy Bottom

You might find yourself in Foggy Bottom without even realizing it. Maybe you drifted in from downtown, perhaps you meandered up from the National Mall. Maybe you walked down from Georgetown on the Rock Creek Park walking trail. Maybe you’re looking for a quick bite before a Kennedy Center show! No matter how you find yourself here, you’ll definitely want to eat!

Your Guide to D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Updated 16 March 2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the National Cherry Blossom Festival events have been cancelled or postponed. The blossoms will come anyway, so not to worry! Drive yourself to the Tidal Basin or elsewhere in D.C., practice social distancing, bring hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes to wipe down any surfacesContinue reading “Your Guide to D.C.’s Cherry Blossom Festival”

7 Things to Do on the National Mall

Okay, so this neighborhood guide is not exactly a “neighborhood” since no one lives here and so there are no neighbors, per se. However, there is a lot to do here! You could easily spend all day on the National Mall, so here are the best thing to do! 7. Find Albert Einstein This littleContinue reading “7 Things to Do on the National Mall”

10 Things to Do on Capitol Hill, D.C.

D.C. has an awful lot to offer, and it can be overwhelming! Instead of trying to cram everything into one day, I recommend planning to spend each day of your trip in just one neighborhood, if at all possible. You can easily spend a day on Capitol Hill. Here are all the best things toContinue reading “10 Things to Do on Capitol Hill, D.C.”

8 Things to Do in Georgetown, D.C.

One of D.C.’s most famous neighborhoods is historic, beautiful, semi-suburban, non-Metro accessible Georgetown! It’s prestigious, pretentious, and one of the most charming spots in D.C.! Take a look at the very best things to see and do in Georgetown. 8. Go Boutique Shopping Georgetown has a lot of shopping for you, but I’m not impressedContinue reading “8 Things to Do in Georgetown, D.C.”

Afternoon Tea at the Willard Hotel, D.C.

It’s no secret, I love afternoon tea! It’s such a fun foodie experience, and I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy afternoon tea in many of my travels. This time around, I met up with my friend Andrea for a very fancy tea at the historic and iconic Willard Intercontinental in D.C., and we highly recommend it to you!