The Best 10 Things to Do in Verona

Updated August 14, 2020.

Have you ever visited Verona? Is it on your list? If not, you should, and it should be! I love to travel (as you may have guessed), and no matter how often I do, I always get a thrill when I go somewhere new. Often I think of coming back before I’ve even left, but rarely do I think, “I could see myself living here!” That is how I felt about Verona within 24 hours of arriving.

I hope you will put Verona on your list, and that you’ll check out my top 10 things to do!

10. Eat the Pizza!

When in Italy… eat the pizza! You’ll find lots of mushrooms in the Veneto region, including on their pizzas. And then of course, there’s the cheese! European cheeses are so amazing, and they do not skimp on it in Italy. Another things they love to put on pizza (and everything else)? Prosciutto! It’s amazing. All of it!

Mushroom and prosciutto pizza from Little Italy
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9. Have Gelato

There are two things you have to eat on every trip to Italy. One is pizza; the other is gelato! Any flavor will do. I got hazelnut because a friend told me they are traditional for the area!

It’s always time for gelato!
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8. Visit the Museums

I’ll admit, I’m not an art person. I love history, but sometimes even I can fall into information overload when I realize I’ve been in the first room of a museum for over an hour. But all the museums we went to in Verona were exceptionally well done! There were interactive exhibits, signage in English, and truly interest facts about the artifacts.

This collection of artwork at the Frescoes Museum was “incomprehensively broken into fragments,” according to the information beside it. They were all put back together like puzzles—that’s dedication!
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7. Listen to the Buskers

Verona’s busking scene is truly talented! Our first morning there, we saw a man with a full-size piano playing and singing on one of the bridges! A little later, some guy was playing guitar and singing on the Castleveccio bridge! Lots of people gathered around to listen, and the buskers even posed for pictures!

The Veronese Pianist

6. Hike (or Take the Funicular) Up to Castle Pietra

Who doesn’t love a castle on a hill, right? You can take the funicular for just a couple of Euros or simply hike up through the village to the lookout point. Either way, it will be worth your while! You will be rewarded with sweeping views up and down the river and the towers of Verona across the river. It’s one of my favorite things we did!

The beautiful view of “fair Verona” from Castle Pietra!
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5. Visit the Roman Theatre

This small theater across the river from the old town is impressive in its historical significance and its view! There’s a great museum up at the top (and inside the hill), so be sure to visit that as well. I couldn’t get over just how old everything was!

The view from the top of the Roman Theatre.
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4. Get the View from Torre dei Lamberti

You can’t miss it! This torre (tower) stands tall in the middle of the old city, and its coloring is very distinctive. Definitely take the opportunity to go to the top and take in the views! And don’t forget that your ticket is also good for the adjacent museum as well!

Torre dei Lamberti
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3. Visit the Churches

My husband is Catholic, and he is quite opposed to churches charging admission for people–especially Catholics–to simply walk inside. That said, the four main historic churches in Verona were well worth the admission price: 6 Euros for all three churches. They were all different, and yet all beautiful. The only other place I’ve seen such murals in churches was inside the cave churches in Turkey. The tilework is stunning as well.

Fun fact: Romeo and Juliet married in the crypt at the San Zeno church, so don’t miss that one!

Just one of the many beautiful ceilings inside the churches.

2. Visit the Roman Arena

This is another site you just can’t miss! It’s a major landmark, but what’s even cooler is that it’s still used for concerts and other entertainment! I especially loved learning about its history, though. This is your classic Roman arena used for gladiator fights and the like. They even brought in wild animals from all over the world to fight with gladiators until the death of one or the other. That’s hard core!

The Roman Arena.
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1. Do All the Romeo and Juliet Things

This is #1 for a reason! This is the reason people come to Verona from all over the world. Leave a letter for Juliet, visit her home, take a walk to Romeo’s house, visit Juliet’s grave, and more! I even found a fantastic copy of Romeo and Juliet in Italian and English—what a perfect souvenir! You can even stay inside Juliet’s Courtyard at La Corte di Giulietta Exclusive Suites!

Don’t mind me; I’m just leaving a Valentine for Juliet!
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Are you ready for your own Veronese adventure? Tell me below, and check out my Italy Page for more!

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  1. I love your post! I’ve been to Verona once with a group for Christmas market and it was way too crowded and we only had like few hours there, so I saw like next to nothing. Your post is definitely making me think about revisiting this city and this time on my own terms. 🙂

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      Thank you so much! You should definitely give it another shot! ♥️

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