What It’s Like Staying at Luxor’s Djorff Palace Hotel

There are a lot of Egypt experiences I would have again, and one of those is another night at Djorff Palace Boutique Hotel in Luxor. It couldn’t have been in a better location for us, and it’s truly old world luxury with modern day conveniences. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hotel with so many easily accessible outlets! (Travelers know exactly how rare and important that is.) Here is everything you need to know to convince you to stay at this gorgeous property the west bank of the Nile.

The Location

Djorff Palace has one-up on the hotel competition in Luxor because they are strategically located on the west side of the river, instead of the busier east side. Staying on the west bank of the Nile puts guests much closer to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Colossi of Memnon, and even the early morning the hot air balloon launch point. Peace and quiet and a later hot air balloon pick-up time? Yes, please.

Djorff Palace is so unique!
Sunrise over the Nile
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The Property

Perfect location aside, this is also a beautiful, unique property. With fewer than two dozen rooms, your service will be attentive and personal. The property itself is absolutely beautiful. Every room has an enviable view, the grounds are beautifully landscaped, and the outdoor pool is heated. I could have spent days enjoying the property and writing!

Evening View from the Ruby Room
Heated Outdoor Swimming Pool
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The Boat Service

Think you need to be closer to the action on the east bank? Djorff Palace offers a complimentary ferry to take you across the Nile and return! You can take it directly across, or you can pay a nominal fee to be taken directly to Luxor Temple. The trip took only five minutes, maybe less. That’s much better than taking a car and driving a full 45 minutes to the other side!

Djorff Palace Boat Ramp
One happy boatman!
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The Ruby Room

Each room is unique, an each is named for a different gemstone or mineral. We stayed in the Ruby Room, appropriately decorated with red accents. We had our own air conditioner, plenty of lighting, a lending library, and seating area. The room was absolutely massive by any standard. We wish we had stayed much longer!

My husband wasted no time getting comfortable!
Very Spacious Living Area, Plenty of Lighting
Seating Area
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The Balcony

The room itself was amazing, but the real jewel of the Ruby Room, was the balcony and its view. I’m a sucker for a nice balcony. I’d like to enjoy my coffee out there, take in the sunrise, read, relax, etc. This balcony and the woodwork accents were stunning on their own, but the best part was how large it was. I was even able to fit in a full body kickboxing workout while I was out there.

I could wake up to this view again and again!
Seating and Coffee Table
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The Bathroom

Speaking of spaciousness, the bathroom was certainly that! Not only was it beautiful, it was also functional, which is not always the case in hotels around the world. Even without a shower curtain or wall, the tub was large enough that the floor didn’t get soaked when we used the shower. There was also more than enough counter and shelf space for both my husband and me to comfortably spread out with our toiletries and other necessities.

Large Bathtub with Shower Head
Toilet and Sink with Toiletries
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The Breakfast

Breakfast was served in the outdoor restaurant. Several small plates and bread were served first, followed by eggs any style. It was an omelette for us! Beverages were orange-carrot juice and coffee, although I’m sure other fruit juices were also available if we had asked. Service was kind and attentive!

A little bit of everything!
Omelette with cheese, please!
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  2. Amazing views and rooms! The sunrise is picturesque.

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      Yes! I highly recommend staying here! I wish we’d had another night!

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