What It’s Like Staying at the Savannah B&B Inn

Updated July 19, 2020.

I love a good bed and breakfast! When I found out my husband had to take a business trip, I started looking for a place to take my own “business trip,” and Savannah has been on the top of my list for a long time. When I travel solo, I miss my husband like a crazy person. But I also get to do things he doesn’t enjoy like I do: historic house tours, heat and humidity, and… bed and breakfast accommodations!

Check in on the ground floor of #121.

This one surprised me in a few ways. It’s not just one house; it’a whole slew of townhouses on a city block, plus their carriage houses in the back! It has 31 rooms, which is about 21-27 more rooms than your average bed and breakfast. That meant it was a little like a hotel-B&B combination, which has its perks.

There was lots of seating for breakfast to accommodate the number of people who might be staying there, so there were lots of options for seating: by the window, in the parlor, on the massive back porch, in the courtyard, etc. There was also someone in the office 24 hours a day, so checking in and out was a breeze—no deadlines or short time windows to fit into while you’re touring!

Real life or movie set?

So here’s the tale and the review, all with pictures so you can plan your trip to Savannah’s Bed and Breakfast Inn, too!

The History

The Federalist-style homes that make up Savannah’s Bed and Breakfast Inn are on historic Gordon Row, built in 1852 and 1854. Many of the original families who lived in this area were Jewish—the Mickve Israel Synogogue was just one block away. Eventually a doctor purchased number 117 for his home and office, but in the 1950s a new owner took on number 117. Jim Williams—as in, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Jim Williams. He was actually a very successful and talented historic home restoration expert who bought and restored many homes in historic Savannah!

Mickve Israel Synagogue, just a block away!

When Bill McAlister, the current owner’s husband, purchased number 117 (and subsequently others on the Row) in 1974, he started converting it into the bed and breakfast you see today! His wife, Mary, owns and runs the property now, and she does a fantastic job!

Learn more about the history on their website!

The Location

This bed and breakfast is right in the heart of the historic district. You’re just two blocks from Forsyth Park, one block from the Mercer-Williams House, and mere steps from multiple historic squares. You’re also walking distance to dozens of historic homes, sites, restaurants, and tours! I really couldn’t have asked for a better location for my trip, since I did not have a car and planned to walk everywhere!

Forsyth Park at Dawn
Speaking of the Mercer-Williams House, check out my post about
Savannah’s Historic Homes and Museums!

The Room

I booked myself into the Blue Cottage, and it was absolutely adorable! It made me think of my mom because she loves every blue and white combo known to man. It was like having my own house in the heart of Savannah’s historic district because the cottage has two floors, a private bathroom, sitting room, and books to borrow! The bed was soft and comfortable, and couldn’t have asked for a better night’s sleep. This cottage is also right off the beautiful courtyard, so it was the perfect Southern experience.

Downstairs sitting area (not pictured: the kitchenette behind the blue chairs!
The bedroom upstairs, complete with step stool for the tall bed!

The Bathroom

I’ll tell you a little secret: I don’t like to share a bathroom. Even at home, Steve graciously lets me have the master bathroom, and he uses the guest bathroom! Don’t get me wrong, this bathroom could easily accommodate two people, but I liked the space to spread out! I also appreciated the complimentary toiletries, soft towels, and non-slip mat for the bathtub.

Sink, toiletries, towels, and toilet
Shower and bathtub combination.
Provided toiletries: Shampoo, Moisturizer, Conditioner, Hand and Body Soap, makeup Remover Wipes, and Shower Cap (not pictured).

The Courtyards

The row houses all have a courtyard in the back, and now that the houses are all part of the same property, the courtyards have been purposefully connected as well. You can meander through for a peaceful, green, water-featured experience. It’s completely secluded from the street and people walking on the sidewalk, and it’s like a little oasis in the middle of the city!

A peek at one of the connected courtyards.
Who doesn’t love a water feature?!

The Breakfast

No lie: they have the best grits in the South! I took one bite and had to know what makes them so good. (It’s chicken broth and voodoo magic, because what else would it be?) One morning the main dish was frittatas, and the next morning it was triple berry French toast casserole. I might have forgotten to take a photo of my plate with the French toast casserole… it was so good I just couldn’t stop myself!

Incredible breakfast in a picturesque setting, and the best grits in the South!

Aside from the incredible food, the whole set-up is very welcoming. You can choose from the parlor, where the food is served buffet-style, or you can take your plate out to the back porch, or the courtyard where tables are set up for two, four, or even more people if you’re traveling with friends (or want to make new friends). Games sat on the tables all day long in case guests wated to play, and there was plenty of space to spread out and read, too!

Parlor Dining Options
Outdoor dining options, complete with games for guests to play throughout the day if they wish!
More here: What to Eat in Savannah

Beyond Breakfast

A select few bed and breakfasts from my travels have provided that little something extra, but this one really went above and beyond! Each morning, I found coffee and a kind server in the parlor (also the dining room), then breakfast, of course. But in the afternoons there was an unexpected surprise: sweets! And the best was saved for last: milk and cookies before bedtime!

Lemon petit fours; they went quickly!
Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies!

Are you ready for your trip to Savannah? I definitely recommend the Savannah Bed and Breakfast Inn!

And find all the American places to visit and things to do on my United States Page!

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