All You Need to Know about Staying at Casa Morada, Islamorada

Our anniversary this year was a pretty special one. We usually go to Hawaii every year, but last year that wasn’t a possibility, and this year, it was still a little too complicated and stressful to plan a trip there. But for our seventh anniversary, we did something pretty special. On our trip through the Florida Keys, we stayed in one of the most romantic accommodations in the United States! Here’s what it’s like to stay at the Casa Morada Resort on Islamorada, in the Florida Keys.

*This post is not sponsored in any way. All opinions reflect our own experiences and are 100% honest. My honest opinion is, I can’t wait to go back!

The Resort

This is one of the most gorgeous, most secluded, most romantic resorts we’ve ever visited. There were many intimate little spots to be alone together, and seating was set up in pairs everywhere. We took our dinner to-go one night and sat by the water feature pictured below. It was so romantic!

Beautiful, intimate spots like this make the resort romantic!

The pool and more seating were set up across a little foot bridge on its own private island. From there, we could relax, watch for underwater wildlife, or order food and drink from their pool house.

Pathway to paradise

The grounds were absolutely lovely. The property is well-maintained, and we loved how private it all was. The only other occupants were… cats! There are six resident cats, but they mostly keep to themselves. We made friends with one, but the others were happy to be elusive!

The grounds are so well-kept and colorful!
Meet Morada! There are six cats who call Casa Morada home, and they are very well-behaved! Morada was our favorite. She likes air conditioning, naps, and sprawling out in a most unladylike manner. She’s a sweetie!
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The Room

We stayed in the “Barefoot” Suite, which was in the main building, on the ground floor. The suite was spacious, clean, and bright, all of which delighted us. The bed was comfortable, there was plenty of storage space, and they even went the extra mile and provided a dedicated drying rack–something more beach resorts should do!

Indoor Space

The King-size bed was very comfortable!
Large Bureau, TV, Bench, and Drying Rack

We also appreciated the dedicated living space that was fully separated from the bedroom. It’s nice to be able to spread out and feel like you live at your accommodation, instead of feeling like a visitor the whole time. Our suite also included a mini fridge, storage space, and a small library for a good beach read!

Cozy Couch and Coffee Table
Large TV and Storage with Mini Fridge in the Living Area
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Outdoor Space

This was a very special feature! Each suite has its own, beautiful, outdoor space. Our patio overlooked a lovely path and lush greenery, and breakfast arrived on our lounger each morning! If we wanted extra privacy, or if the weather turned rainy, we could also close the curtains. I could have sat out there reading all day long!

Our Private Patio
Not a bad view for breakfast each morning!
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The Bathroom

A bathroom can make or break an accommodation experience for me. This one did not disapppoint! I liked that the toilet and shower were separate from the sink area, but the best part was the stone floor in the shower. One of my pet peeves is a slippery hotel shower floor, but the stones gave the floor enough texture that there was no fear of slipping. Oh, and the rainfall shower head was amazing, too!

Large Sink Area
Toilet Room and Rainfall Shower

Something else unique about this resort is their choice of toiletries from a luxury company called Malin and Goetz. The soap didn’t dry out our skin, the toiletry items smelled nice, and the conditioner was excellent quality. Anyone who needs conditioner for their hair every day, especially at the beach, knows that hotels usually don’t have good conditioner. You might as well condition with water (even the Savoy in London had terrible conditioner!). Not here! I wish all hotels would provide quality toiletries like Malin and Goetz!

Luxury Toiletries
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The Breakfast

I don’t know how I missed it, but I totally didn’t realize we would have breakfast delivered to our door every morning! The bigger surprise, however, was how generous the portions were. When we made our selections the night before, we figured the portion sizes would be small, and we were disappointed with the lack of protein sources (the only options were hard boiled eggs, milk, and yogurt). But when it arrived, we were shocked at how hearty everything was!

Day 1 Breakfast: Fruit, bagel and cream cheese, yogurt, coffee, orange juice, croissant, strawberry and cream cheese danish (under the napkin), hard-boiled eggs, and banana
Day 2 Breakfast: Coffee, croissant, orange juice, fruit, yogurt, granola, hard-boiled eggs, butter
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The Pool

The pool was located on its own private island. It was completely beautiful, and because it’s located on the Florida Bay side of Islamorada, the water was calm and peaceful. Chairs were set up two-by-two, making it a perfect place for couple time, and seating options included hammocks, beach loungers, cushy outdoor sofas, and an intimate hut, just right for two people.

The Pool
Secluded hut to relax by the pool and the bay.

The covered deck area includes a bar, more seating, shelter from the sun or rain, a bar, and food to order from a nearby restaurant. The resort also clears the tables and chairs and offers yoga there each day at 9:00am.

Covered Pool House
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The Activities

I already mentioned the yoga, but the resort also offers kayaks (single and double), stand-up paddleboards, snorkel gear, a bocce ball court, and bikes! Think that will all add up over the course of a few days? Nope! It’s all included with your rate at the resort.

Beach cruisers are available for all guests
Sea kayaks (single and double) are available and easy to launch at the resort’s private ramp.

We took advantage of the bikes to go scope out Islamorada one afternoon, then spent the next morning spotting parrot fish, leopard sting rays, and even a manatee while we explored the bay on paddleboards and a kayak!

Stand-up Paddle Boards are available… and if you’re lucky, you might meet a manatee friend! Photo courtesy of my new friend and fellow resort enthusiast Ashley!
Bocce Ball Court
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Where is the best place you’ve ever stayed in your travels? Have you stayed at Casa Morada? Comment below!

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