Staying at the Legendary Hermitage Hotel in Nashville: Everything You Need to Know

The Hermitage Hotel, located in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the most beautiful, most historically significant, most legendary hotels I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting! It’s been recently “refreshed,” so everything is lighter, brighter, and even more gorgeous than ever before.

I had wanted to stay here since I was a little girl (we went to Nashville from my hometown of Carthage often to visit family), and when I saw an opportunity, I took it! Here is everything you need to know so you can start planning your stay!


The Hotel

Where do I even start? As soon as you walk into The Hermitage Hotel lobby, your jaw drops. The details, the color palette, and the Southern hospitality almost overwhelm you.

The Lobby

The hotel opened in 1910, named for Andrew Jackson’s nearby home also called The Hermitage, and the craftmanship on the ceiling is still original. The mirror above the fireplace is original to the hotel. The big, open space practically embraces people as they come in and encourages them to sit, gather with friends, and enjoy the grandeur without snobbery or pretentiousness.

I laid on the floor to get this shot. Not ashamed.
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The History

When I say this hotel has history, I’m talking about the women’s right to vote, famous guests, and original craftsmanship on the floors, walls, and ceilings. Everything about it is steeped in history, which makes my little history-loving heart skip a beat!

All in the details, including the original stained glass!

Tennessee was the 36th state to ratify 19th Amendment that gave women in America the right to vote. (The magic number was 36 states, and the amendment passed by one vote!) Because of the Hermitage Hotel’s proxmity to the State Capitol across the street, lobbyists for both sides (sufferagists wearing yellow roses, anti-sufferagists wearing red roses) stayed at the hotel. Carrie Chapman Catt herself stayed here for six weeks in 1920.

This nook off the lobby commemorates the women’s sufferage movement at the Hermitage.

Other famous guests include eight U.S. Presidents, Tennessee hero of World War I Alvin C. York, baseball legend Babe Ruth, and famous flyer Amelia Earhart. Musical legends include composer John Phillip Sousa (are you familiar with “Stars and Stripes Forever”?), Elvis Presley, and Gene Autry, who checked in at the front desk with his horse named Champion!

I don’t believe people bring their horses to check in today.
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The Location

The Hermitage is in the best location in town. Just steps from the Tennessee State Capitol, many rooms have a spectacular view of the historic building, which was designed by the same man who built the tower of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. You’re also just across the street from the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC), the Bicentennial Mall, Tennessee State Museum, and only a few blocks from the hustle and bustle of downtown Nashville.

Just steps from the Tennessee State Capitol!
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The Room

I booked my room unexpectedly, just two days before my trip, which allowed me to find a last-minute rate. I booked a Deluxe Room with a King Bed, and it completely surpassed my expectations. The room was large, the furnishings were top-notch, and the view of the State Capitol was spectacular!

Most importantly, however, there were places to put things! I often find myself moving clutter off of dresser and desk surfaces in hotels so I’ll have a place to unpack and put my things. The Hermitage left plenty of space for me to do that without my needing to remove the clutter myself!

Bed, side table, desk, settee.
Seating area, television
A bit overcast, but still a beautiful view!
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The Bathroom

If you thought the room was large, wait till you see the bathroom! I love being able to spread out in a hotel bathroom, especially when I’m traveling with my husband or a friend. This bathroom checked all the boxes: large shower, separate toilet room, soaker tub, double sinks, towels within easy reach, and most importantly, quality toiletries.

So often, hotels treat toiletries like just anything will do. But that’s not true! I tried out their hair conditioner, which I almost never do because “all hair types” does not include curly hair, y’all. But I was impressed with the Molton Brown brand, even with my hair! I even used the bar soap and brought it home with me–and I’m a bit of a soap snob! This bathroom should win awards, especially when you throw in the cozy bathrobes, too!

Double sinks, soaker tub
Linens and Molton Brown toiletries
Large Shower (separate toilet room not pictured)
Molton Brown shower toiletries
Closet and cozy bathrobes
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The Fitness Center

Even though I only used it to stretch after my run on this trip, you know I’m a huge fan of good hotel fitness centers! They have great equipment options, both with regards to the machines and the free weights and other equipment, which I like for my workouts. I took photos in the early morning before the sun came up, so they’re a little dark, but I’d go back and workout here again!

Treadmills, Elliptical, Stationaty Bikes
Weight Benches, Yoga and Bosu Balls, Foam Rollers
Free Weights, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls
Weight Machines
Jump ropes, weight machine attachments, ab wheels, etc.
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Drusie and Darr

I remember the restaurant at The Hermitage as The Capitol Grill (so-named for obvious reasons). My parents have gone there for anniversary dinners and such over the years. But along with the refresh, the restaurant got a bright, new look! It’s now called Drusie and Darr, and it is truly a fine dining establishment. It’s named for two children, Drusie and Darr, who lived on the hotel’s sixth floor for over 10 years with their hotel manager father.

Fresh, local ingredients are an important part of the seasonally-changing menus. Complimentary valet is included with dinner, and reservations are recommended. Find out more here.

Light, bright, Drusie and Darr
Even the bar is beautiful!
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The Men’s (and Ladies’) Room

Why am I writing about bathrooms in a post about a fancy hotel? You have to see them to believe them! The men’s room has remained unchanged since 1910, and it has been featured in magazines, music videos, and the like over the last 100+ years. When the hotel decided to “refresh” recently, management decided the ladies shouldn’t be left out of the fun, so their bathroom is now just as fun in a more feminine hue.

It’s true: It’s been this way since the 1910s!
Need a shoe shine?
Those are, in fact, green toilets.
This one is PINK!
Every lady needs a pink toilet seat.
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The Pink Hermit

I can’t wait to go back to the Pink Hermit! It’s absolutely charming, and the food is delicious. I may have had a few macarons for dessert one night. And I definitely had a delicious breakfast here the next morning.

That’s a pink espresso machine!
The Pink Hermit
Outdoor dining
Honey-rose latte and egg white croissant sandwich
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