What It’s Like Staying at a Hotel During the Pandemic

Have you stayed in a hotel or other accommodation since the pandemic started? Would you? Steve and I have stayed at a vacation rental, a bed and breakfast, and now a hotel since the pandemic started. While it’s definitely a different experience at the moment, I feel completely comfortable staying in places like that. Here’s what it’s like and what to expect!

Check-in and Check-out Services

Depending on the accommodation, you may see plexiglass barriers, designated socially distanced standing spots, or simply masked staff. The receptionist may ask to see your ID, but may not ask to take it in their hand. They may take your credit card to swipe, or they may insist on you doing that yourself. Just pack your patience, and play along!

A classic scene at the Hotel de Coronado pre-pandemic: circa 2014.
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No Housekeeping

This one is the thing you really need to be prepared for so you’re not disappointed! If you know me (or if you read the blog), you know that it’s not really a vacation for me unless someone else makes the bed, so this is a huge bummer! But it’s just for now, not forever, so we’ll all just grin and bear it, right?

Aside from the bed that I have to make myself, there are no other housekeeping activities happening either. No daily cleaning, no tidying up, no fresh towels or other linens, no refreshed coffee or tea, no refreshed toiletries—you get the idea. The good thing, though, is that you can just call housekeeping for the things you need, and they’ll be bought up as soon as they can get them to you!

Why would they clean your room less during a global pandemic? It makes more sense than you might think. This protects you from cross-contamination. Think about it: if the housekeeping staff are going into every room every day, even with the intent to clean, they will inevitably be taking some germs with them into all the other rooms, including yours! This also protects the housekeepers by limiting their exposure to everyone’s germs so often. But don’t worry, they do clean thoroughly between guests!

There’s nothing quite as nice as a plush bed I didn’t have to make! One day we’ll get back to that!
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Some Amenities are Unavailable

Okay, let’s be real: a lot of amenities are unavailable! Most notably for Steve and me, gyms and fitness centers are closed. Personally, I think this would be an easy area to keep clean and keep santizing tools handy. I mean, even during gym “rush hour,” Steve and I are usually the only people in the gym at all, but they didn’t ask our opinion!

Other unavailable amenities include services such as business centers, concierge, valet, buffet breakfasts, and room service. Basically anything that involves shared spaces or person-to-person interaction probably will not be available.

No gym? No problem! The best runs are outside anyway.
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Masks are Required

You thought I forgot about masks? Think again! I just decided to save the best for last! Yes, you will be required to wear a mask inside most, if not all, hotels and other accommodations. How much or how often an accommodation chooses to enforce that will vary. Just make sure you have a few on-hand, and remember that you can hand-wash them in the sink if needed.

From the flight to the hotel, masks are the 2020 fashion staple!
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Have you stayed in a hotel or other accommodation since the pandemic started? Tell us all about it below!

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