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Updated August 14, 2020.

I am a firm believer that a quality hotel accommodation can make or break a trip. Our recent experience at La Mamounia in Marrakech proved that without a doubt. But that terrible experience there made us appreciate our accommodation in Salzburg that much more. This was quite possibly the best hotel experience we’ve ever had abroad, and it came at a time when we truly needed a win! Here is our review, complete with photos and details you have to see to believe!

Hotel Sacher Salzburg from the Salzach River!
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The Welcome

I have to tell you, after an 8-hour red-eye flight, 3-hour train journey (with change!), and 20-minute walk from the train station, I’m not sure I can express to you how wonderful it was to be met at the door by a gentleman in a top hat, have the door opened for us, and be greeted with smiles from everyone!

But the best part of the welcome? Our upgrade! We booked our room on, and because we use that website so much, we were eligible for a room upgrade and some little treats upon arrival. Check it out!

Fresh Fruit and Two Individually-sized Sacher Tortes!
That’s quite a lot of fruit!
My very own Sacher Torte!
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The Room

As I mentioned, we got a room upgrade because the hotel was not full, and there was a better room available. I’m not sure what the other room looked like or where it was, but the room we got was huge! And beautiful, and had a magnificent view of the Old Town!

The Space

Our Beautiful, Extra-large Room
The bed was so beautiful, I wanted to show it from two angles!
In-room coffee in the classiest little coffee cups I’ve ever seen!
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Our View

Did I mention our upgraded room had a beautiful view?

The stunning view from our very large balcony!
Sunrise from our balcony!
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The Bathroom

Let’s be honest: European hotel bathrooms are usually microscopic. They’re tiny! But not at Hotel Sacher. We had double sinks, a huge soaker tub, and a separate toilet and shower room! Even the stand-up shower was spacious. It was all wonderful!

Double sinks!
I’m not sure this photo does justice to how large this soaker tub is!
Rainfall Shower Head and Hand-held Shower Head as well!
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Hotel Sacher is known for their chocolatey, delicious, indulgent Sacher torte. But do you know what is equally indulgent? Chocolate-scented toiletries! Yes, it’s true. The soaps and lotion smelled like chocolate, meaning that I also got to smell like chocolate all day! Additionally, the hair conditioner was excellent quality, which is very unusual in my hotel experiences! The Hotel Sacher’s toiletries were definitely a highlight.

The label on the soap says “Time to Chocolate”!
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The Amenities

The hotel itself was enough for me. But the amenities were the icing on top. Everything about the Hotel Sacher is luxurious, and the extras available to guests are what made the experience extra special for us!

Robes, Slippers, and Turndown Service

After a long day of walking on cobblestones, you better believe that robe and slippers felt like a dream at the end of the day!

Robes for each of us!
Slippers by the bed after turn-down service!
Turn-down Service included a turned-down bed, breakfast room service menus, slippers, and a chocolate!
Chocolate by my bed at night? Yes, please!
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Morning Coffee and Treats

Something most guests don’t seem to realize is that coffee, tea, and house-made sweets in the lobby each morning! What a treat. Sacher Torte for breakfast, anyone?

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The Spa

When most hotels say they have a “spa,” they mean they have a fitness center and maybe a shower. But the Hotel Sacher truly has a spa to experience. Not only can you get an excellent workout at their fitness center, you can also relax in a sauna or steam room, get a massage, relax with a book and a cup of tea, or have healthy treats to keep you feeling well on your travels.

Dry and Wet Saunas at the Spa
Massage Room
There is a room with cushioned lounger chairs and reading material next to the massage room, but it seems I was too busy relaxing and forgot to get a photo of it! Instead, here’s a photo of my pre-massage relaxation material.
Hot Tea Bar
Snacks: Cookies, Crainsins, Pistachios, and Sunflower Seeds
Fruit and Infused Water
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The Fitness Center

Admittedly, historic hotels don’t always have a lot of room to squeeze in a Fitness Center, but Hotel Sacher does a really good job! There is plenty of cardio equipment (but really, don’t waste your time on the treadmill when there are beautiful trails just steps away along the River!), free weights from light to super heavy, and a weight training machine with a bench and many functions! There is also enough floor space for movement within the gym area.

One Elliptical, One Treadmill
Three Stationary Bikes
Free Weights and a Resistance Machine with a Bench
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The Restaurants

We all have to eat, right? Right! And you will have no excuse to go hungry at the Hotel Sacher! There are multiple restaurants to choose from, including a buffet at breakfast, a la carte and off the menu at the Cafe, views of the River with dinner, or simply a signature sweet to enjoy!

Cafe Sacher

We ate breakfast here our first morning and basically had it to ourselves! It was beautiful, and the food was delicious.

Cafe Sacher Before the Breakfast Rush
Sheep’s Cheese, Croissant, and Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon
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Sacher Grill

We ate here on our last evening, and we had some of the best food of our trip right here! We also went around 5:00pm like the elderly people we are on the inside, and here again, we had the restaurant all to ourselves!

A Peek Inside the Freshly Renovated Sacher Grill
Maybe the Best Schnitzel of My Life
A Glimpse of the Sacher Grill’s Patio
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The Sweet Shop

Looking for their signature sweet? You can certainly get a slice at any of their restaurants, but if you’d like a whole one, or one of their other signature treats, look no further than their own sweet shop on the corner of the hotel:

A Sampling of the Different Sizes of the Sacher Torte You Can Order
Don’t Forget about their White Chocolate Coated Bundt Cake
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I can recommend a stay at the Hotel Sacher Salzburg (and Vienna) with confidence! We have stayed at both and truly enjoyed ourselves each time. This post was not sponsored and we did not receive any discounts or special treatment in return for writing this glowing blog post, we simply enjoyed it and hope you will, too! Thank you to the staff at the Hotel Sacher Salzburg for helping us feel relaxed and so very welcomed on our trip!

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