The Ultimate Pros and Cons List for Bed and Breakfasts

It’s no secret: I loved B&Bs! I think they’re cute, fun, and charming, and often they give you a unique look at the culture of the place you’re visiting. And oh, the breakfast! But they’re not for everyone. To help you decide whether or not a B&B is for you, I’ve come up with this handy list of pros and cons. How do you feel about B&Bs?


They’re “Homey”

This is part of the charm of B&Bs: they feel like home because they usually are someone’s home! It’s nice to have the familiarity of a “home” but still be on an adventure in a new place. I love to be “home” even when I’m traveling away from “home.”

How’s this for a breakfast room overlooking a historic street in charming Charleston?
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They’re Cozy

Along with being “homey,” B&Bs often envoke all the cozy feels. There might be a roaring fire, plush blankets, cushy chairs, and more things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe there’s a little nook or a reading corner where you can curl up with a book. Maybe it’s tea and homemade snacks in the afternoons. B&Bs go far in the “coziness” aspect of accommodations!

So cozy!
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They’re Unique

This is something I always look for in any accommodation: will I feel like I’m staying somewhere special, or could this place just be anywhere? B&Bs are usually unique to the location. For instance, B&Bs in the South usually have big front porches, columns, maybe some wrought iron details, etc., while B&Bs in New England may have a more Colonial style and more emphasis on indoor coziness for those long, cold winters.

Sometimes B&Bs feature historical architecture, themed rooms named for famous locals, or even heirlooms and antiques from local estate sales or antique shops. Everything about a B&B is unique to that B&B. Unlike a Hilton, Marriott, or Hyatt, no two B&Bs are alike!

How beautiful is this former B&B in Cheyenne, Wyoming?
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They’re Literally Famous for Breakfast

I love a huge breakfast! If it can get me through until mid-afternoon, I’m all for it. Whether it’s French toast, the biggest quiche ever, muffins from a local bakery, savory crepes, or banana bread with fruit and fresh-made bacon, I’m going to be a fan. I’ve been disappointed by continental breakfasts time and time again, but a B&B breakfast has never let me down!

Looking for a lite breakfast? You won’t find it here!
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They’re often Historic

If you’ve been following me for more than a minute, you know I’m a history buff! I love and respect the past, and it makes my heart incredibly happy to see historic buildings given new life and new purpose. In my mind, the older, the better! Another element of staying in a restored, historic home is the people who have lovingly brought it back to life. Next time you stay at a historic B&B, ask the owners about it. They’ll have plenty of history to tell, plus their own anecdotes of restoration discoveries!

The beatuiful Cedars of Williamsburg!
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They’re often Cleaner than Other Accommodations

In many cases, the B&B is also the owners’ full-time home. They care about the house, they care about their guests, and it only stands to reason that they would take the best possible care of it. That includes cleaning. Vacation rentals and hotels are probably clean (and hostels probably aren’t), but B&Bs are held to a different standard of clean: the home standard.

So fancy! I got breakfast brought to my room on a silver tray on a chilly morning in Charleston!
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They Usually Have Personal Service

Those owners who have lovingly restored and cleaned your accommodation are the same people who will give you the best service! Whether you want recommendations for restaurants, suggestions for things to do, or you have a particular need that needs to be met for your well-being, they will help you out. I love that about every B&B owner or manager I’ve met.

A personal greeting was waiting for us upon arrival at a sweet B&B in Manawa, Wisconsin!
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Historic Homes are Sometimes Noisy

Okay, this even gets on my nerves! Hardwood floors are gorgeous, but they’re less charming when they creak in the night. Sometimes the pipes make loud noises. Sometimes you can hear through the walls to the next room, or even on the next floor. It’s not always the case, but more often than not, it’s true!

They Can be Quirky

Sometimes the doors don’t close all the way. Sometimes sizes of doors, sinks, or ceilings are anything but standard or typical. Sometimes the steps are narrow and uneven heights. You just never know what’s going to be unusual, you know?

Hosts and Fellow Guests Can be Too Personal

B&Bs are not for introverts! In fact, my husband can hardly stand it when I ask to stay in one because he does not want to talk to people. He also doesn’t want to eat with people he doesn’t know. It’s true, B&B hosts (and guests!) can sometimes be too “friendly.” You know, they ask too many questions, take too much interest, want to be BFFs. Don’t get me wrong, I am that person! But “that person” isn’t for everyone!

Steve’s dream B&B is one with no other guests! Ha!
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That’s up to you! Do you love B&Bs? Do you hate B&Bs? Comment below with your own pros and cons!

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