All You Need to Know about the Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort

Our trip to the Florida Keys started in Key Largo. It was the logical choice, since it’s the first key you come to on the drive from Miami! We wanted to earn some Marriott points, and the Key Largo Bay Marriott seemed like a good place to do that. If you’re wondering whether or not you should stay here, this review should help you decide! Here’s our experience at the resort!

The Resort

The resort itself was beautiful. It gave us all the island feels we needed to really shed the “go-go-go” attitude of D.C., and even the light fixtures were tropical! Best of all was the coffee station in the lobby. There was coffee in the room, too, but more coffee is always better! Both the spa and fitness center were in the same building as the lobby, and the rooms were spread across several other buildings.

There was also plenty of open parking, and best of all there were maps posted in multiple places, so we never got too lost. The resort was not so huge that we would have gotten too lost, but all the same, it’s hard to find the way in a new place sometimes! You could always orient yourself by the beach on the property, though. Can’t complain there!

Gorgeous lobby with all the cool, island-y vibes
Coffee station in the lobby
Private beach on the “Bay” side of the island
These maps were posted at various places around the resort. This was helpful throughout our stay!
There were so many lovely, relaxing spots to enjoy around the resort!
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The Room

We loved our room! It was much larger than we expected, but the best part was definitely the beautiful, large balcony. Very often at beach hotels, you can see wear and tear happening more quickly, and there’s inevitably sand somewhere it shouldn’t be. Not here! I loved that there was plenty of seating, so many drawers, and that view! I also appreciated that it was on-theme, but not over-the-top. This was a real winner for us.

First glimpse of our spacious room
Table and dresser with large-screen TV
Nautical-themed bed, side tables, and bench
Our spacious, beautiful balcony with a view of the ocean
The view from our balcony
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The Bathroom

Our bathroom was clean and bright, with plenty of room for the both of us. One of my pet peeves about hotel bathrooms is having no counter space at the sink, but this one didn’t have that problem. The shower was also huge, which was awesome. Photos are below, but I didn’t get a good one of the toilet. There was a toilet, it worked, that’s the important thing!

Large shower
Plenty of counter space at the sink
Toiletries: Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, and Bar Soap
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The Fitness Center

I’ll be honest with you, I prefer to workout outside when the weather is as beautiful as it was in Key Largo! I actually worked out on our balcony each morning we were there, and it was very pleasant. However, if it had been raining, or if I wanted to do some lifting beyond bodyweight, the gym at this hotel is very well-equipped for that. Take a look.


Three Treadmills
Three Ellipticals
One Recumbent Bike and Stretching Station

Weight Lifting

Cable weight trainer and pullup bar
Free weights (weight bench available but not pictured)

If anyone knows what those things are on the bottom rack with the green rings, please comment to let me know. I’m stumped!

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The Amenities

This beachside resort has all the best amenities and then some! Not only are there plenty of relaxing places to enjoy the views and the sunshine, there are also plenty of activities. You can rent kayaks, wave runners, and paddle boards, and you can also go on snorkeling trips and boat excursions. Love the beach? Grab a lounge chair or snag a hammock! Prefer the pool? There’s plenty of room for you there, too!

Peek at the pool
Early morning by the bay
Rental station at the beach
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2 responses to “All You Need to Know about the Key Largo Bay Marriott Beach Resort”

  1. This may sound like a strange question but I need to know if there are cats on or near the premises. I know Ley West has lots of cats amd I am extremely allergic. I’m concerned that they may be in the outdoor eating areas. Thanks.

    1. quickwhittravel Avatar

      I saw no cats while we were there. The cats in Key West are very well-contained at the Hemmingway House, so you should be fine anywhere else in the Keys! I would reach out to the property directly, though, just to make sure!

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