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Ready or not, here the holidays come! For many of us, this will be the first time we’ve seen some of our family members since before the pandemic took hold back in March. You definitely don’t want to take family for granted this year, and you want to make special memories this holiday season—Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s—they’re all more important this year than ever! So how do you capture those memories? You take photos, of course.

My friend and fellow creative entrepreneur, Jama Pantel, has her own photography business, and during the pandemic, she started giving photography tips on Instagram. That grew into Zoom lessons, and I can tell you from personal experience, she is the best at it! She is going to be making this a new part of her business, tailored to her clients (that’s you!), and she’s letting me give you a sneak peek right here!

Photo by Jama Pantel Photography

*All photos in this blog post are used with permission and were taken by Jama Pantel!

Who Needs Photography Lessons?

Honestly, probably everyone! We can all take our skills to the next level, no matter how skilled we are. Lessons with Jama are perfect for you if you are:

An Influencer

Photography is absolutely central to social media, and the better your photography, the better for your business. I actually know several influencers who spend dozens of hours every week editing their photos, but wouldn’t it just be easier (and less time-consuming) to just take better photos?

Influencer photography involves several elements that generic photography classes simply won’t cover, such as flatlays, self-photography (yes, beyond just selfies), and getting photos with no other people in them. Jama’s ability to tailor your lesson to your specific needs means that you get the most effective help for your audience, your goals, and your business!

Photo by Jama Pantel Photography

A Blogger

Okay, fellow Blogger Bosses, we all know it: people don’t read blogs without photos! And just as importantly, Google doesn’t tell people about blogs with bad photos. Not only do you need photos for your blog, though, you also need them for all your social media outlets. For me, I needed some tips and advice on using my phone for photography, since that’s the only camera I actually have. Jama did a fantastic job of helping me find the right ways to take my cell phone photography and make it look more professional!

Photo by Jama Pantel Photography

A Traveler

Yes, I’m talking to you. I know you like to show off your travel photos, so why not make them really special? I have hundreds of photos from my early travels that just aren’t as good as they could have been, and no amount of editing can do them justice. If I’d known just a few of the basics, those photos would be spectacular. Also, better travel photos mean better bragging rights, am I right?!

Photo by Jama Pantel Photography

A New Photographer

Hands-on learning and learning as you go are extremely important in the photographic learning process. It’s even better, however, if you can skip some of the basic mistakes and just learn the basics of good photography early on! Jama and her lessons are very approachable, casual, and not at all intimidating. If you’ve wanted to get started with photography, her lessons will help jumpstart your photography goals—even if it’s just to take epic photos for yourself!

Photo by Jama Pantel Photography

A Parent

I don’t know anyone who takes more photos than a parent. Am I right? Holidays, birthdays, day trips, vacations, everyday life; parents photograph it all! And while I realize that every photo of your child is a MASTERPIECE, you might be surprised at how much better your family pictures can be with just a few tweaks! Your lessons might focus more on portrait photography, action shots (so you can get that perfect shot of your kid sliding into home plate!), or tips for getting even your youngest to actually look at the camera!

Photo by Jama Pantel Photography

A Photography Entrepreneur

First impressions are so important for small businesses, so starting well right out of the gate will be essential for your business! You already love photography, and you’re already really good at it (you want it to be your business after all), but it’s always beneficial to learn from those who have been doing this for a while. Your lessons may focus more on the business and self-marketing side of photography.

For instance, Jama is a member of Professional Photographers of America, has been named “Best Of Austin” portrait photographer for the past 3 years, has been published in the The New York Times! Isn’t that someone whose brain you want to pick? You always want someone in your corner who knows the ropes, already knows what works and what doesn’t, and can impart that wisdom to you. That’s Jama!

Photo by Jama Pantel Photography
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How are the Lessons Structured?

Because Jama’s one-on-one Zoom lessons are so tailored to your needs, your first lesson starts before you even have your first session!

  • First, you’ll e-mail Jama directly with your photography goals and any questions you may have, so you can get the most out of your session.
  • Next, you’ll have your 45-minute, one-on-one Zoom lesson.
  • Finally, you’ll be able to test your new skills! You can e-mail Jama with questions as needed for up to one month after your Zoom lessons.
Photo by Jama Pantel Photography
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The Best Takeaways from My Lesson

Because my lesson focused on cell phone photography for blogging and Instagram, my main takeaways were largely related to taking better cell phone pictures. I’ve been doing my own photography for the blog and my social media for the last 14 years, but I’d never really taken the time to learn the basics. Thankfully, Jama never made me feel like my questions were dumb or irrelevant! My three biggest takeaways were:

  • Turn on the gridlines on my phone! I actually hate those lines, but I do need to stop taking lopsided photos, so I’ve turned them on for the future!
  • When the sun is too bright, I should use my hand to shield the lens from overexposure. Since I’m not going to be toting along those umbrellas and shields photographers use in photo shoots, this is the next best thing!
  • Use the timer for solo photos. It’s great when my husband or a friend can take photos of me, since photos with a person in them get more attention on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc. When I travel solo, however, I need to be able to take photos of myself!
Photo by Jama Pantel Photography
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How Much Do Lessons Cost?

Lessons are $50 per Session

Let me tell you, that is a steal for the quality and one-on-one attention and advice you’re getting! Here’s how the process works after you sign up:

  • E-mail Jama any burning questions you have so you’re both prepared before your lesson.
  • Jama will address those questions and more in your 45-minute Zoom session.
  • You will have a full month after your last session to e-mail Jama with follow-up questions! There’s always something you forgot to ask, right? Just me?
  • Want more? Jama offers a buy three, get one FREE package deal! That’s four sessions for $150, and a $50 savings.

Ready to Sign Up?

I’m excited for you! Sign up on Jama’s Photography Class Page!

Not Quite Sure?

If you’re still on the fence, Jama also offers a FREE 15-minute consultation phone call to see if it’s right for you! I love that Jama is easy-going and reasonable. There’s no pressure, just a friendly conversation to determine what your needs are and how she could meet them. Get your free consultation here!

Photo by Jama Pantel Photography
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Exclusively for My Readers

Jama has graciously offered you a 10% discount on your first session! Just let her know that you heard about her through this Quick Whit Travel blog post!

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