COVID-19: How to Handle the Stress in Quarantine

The whole COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop. From panic to mass hysteria, from homeschooling to working from home, we’re all living life a little bit differently. We are also handling stress a little bit differently, and some of us are really struggling. So here are my top 10 ways to fight stress in quarantine, plus a giveaway for you at the end!

1. Turn off the News

The added stress of the incessant news coverage is doing so much harm and so little good, and I’m glad to see that lots of people are speaking up about that on social media. So turn off the news and simply don’t let it in. The best news source I’ve found is Smart Her News. She posts only when it’s important, only the facts, and only in a non-partisan, non-panicking way. No matter where you get your news, limit yourself to 10 minutes or less per day. That will tell you everything you need to know, and you’ll still have 23 hours and 50 minutes to find the peace and joy in your life each day!

Smart Her News!

2. Find a Calming Activity

It doesn’t really matter what the activity is, as long as it helps you find some calm in the chaos. There are tons of meditation apps, white noise apps, yoga programs online, etc., and they are all just waiting for you. You can go for a walk or run, sit on your porch if you have one, go for a hike, take a nap, try your hand at gardening, cook, bake, the options are limitless! Find what helps you calm down, and plan to do it more often during this crazy time!

Find what soothes you.

3. Set Aside Time to Read

If you want a bit of an escape, read a book. If you want a new friend, read a book. If you want an adventure, read a book. If you want to learn something new, read a book! You can download them, order them online, or simply grab one from your bedside table. Just set aside some quiet time during the day to read, and feel your stress start to leave!

Just put on an ocean sounds recording and pretend you’re reading on the beach!
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4. Workout

It may sound counter-intuitive, but working out will help reduce your stress and anxiety! The endorphins your body releases during exercise will make you feel happier, and exercise also helps boost immunity. There is no downside! Many fitness apps offer FREE week- or month-long trials and are super motivating. Gyms are offering members access to programs via video chat. You can definitely go for a walk! Just move so your body feels less cooped up. Our bodies were made for movement!

Quarantining with someone? Get out there together!
Need an equipment-free workout? Check my Health and Wellness Page!

5. Call or Video Chat with a Friend

Monday was okay for me. Tuesday was awful. But I called my friend Andrea just to catch up and have some company, and it totally turned my week around! Check on your friends. Text them if you’re feeling down or alone. FaceTime your mom! “Social distancing” only applies to in-person socializing, but in the age of wi-fi, video chat, texting, e-mail, and good old fashioned phone calls, there is no need to feel lonely when we’re #AloneTogether!

This is my sweet friend Andrea! She has always been there for me, even when we can’t be together in person!

6. Make Plans

It sounds weird, but this could be the perfect time to make plans if that helps you feel good. I love having something to look forward to, even if it’s far off in the future. I’m always planning a trip, even before I get home from the trip I’m on! So if it helps you to have something fun and positive to focus on, plan a trip for this summer. Plan a party in the fall. Plan something big for next year. Focus all your energy on something you can look forward to!

Missing the National Cherry Blossom Festival this year? Start planning for next year! (The Jefferson Memorial is covered in scaffolding this year anyway!)

7. Eat Right

I know it’s hard to find some of the food items you want at the moment, but you can find what you need to get all your nutrition. Keep your body fueled well so you can feel good the whole time you’re in quarantine. Make a meal plan to use what you have on-hand, hop on Pinterest to find creative recipes, and if you’re quarantining with a roommate or family members, make it something fun to do together! Your food affects your mood, so eat well, drink a lot of water, and stay healthy!

Homemade pizza here we come!

8. Do Something for Someone Else

This is one of my favorite ways to forget about my own stress. Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I write a card for husband to find when he wakes up! When I know a friend is under the weather, I send a little gift from a small business I like. When I feel sad or lonely, the one thing that makes me feel better almost instantly is doing something for someone else. Try it and see how much it helps!

My husband is very good at bringing me flowers when I need them!

9. Get Creative

It’s amazing how beneficial it is to work with your hands. This is the perfect time to get creative. Maybe you’ve been meaning to learn how to knit or crochet, or you’ve got a scrapbook to create, or perhaps you just like tinkering. Whatever keeps your hands moving and your brain focused on something positive, do it!

My friend Amanda has been making these cute bookmarks from scrap paper, chipboards, ribbon, and stamps!

10. Make it a Spa Day

You may not be able to go to your regular spa, but you can do a pretty good imitation in the comfort of your own home! My friends at Truly-Life make a beautiful spa kit that includes a clay mask, lavender bath salts, lavender soap, and a solid lotion bar, too! She also has bath bombs, natural soaps, and so much more to give yourself a chance to pamper at home! Grab your robe and some fuzzy slippers!

Get ready to get cozy!

Want to win a Clay Mask and Spa Kit from me and Truly-Life? Just share this post on Facebook or share my latest Instagram post to your Instastories, and you’ll be entered to win! I’ll choose a winner tomorrow at 10:00am EST! Because of COVID-19, Truly-Life is including their brand new Liquid Soap Kit with every order, so you’ll be getting that as well!

Clay Mask and Spa Kit from Truly-Life!

Want more? Check out my Health and Wellness Page for all my posts about COVID-19 and how we’ll all get through this together!

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