COVID-19: How to Support Boutiques in Small Business

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We know them, we love them, we shop with them! Boutiques are the best. Walk through any mall that was doing well ten years ago and you’ll notice the same thing: shops are closing. Even big names like Sears, Dillard’s, and Macy’s are closing stores all over the country. So where are the shoppers going? Boutiques! Charming boutique shops range from clothing to home decor to jewelry and more, and they have popped up absolutely everywhere. Boutiques aren’t new, but they have defintiely become all the rage—and they need our help right now to keep going!

This scarf is actually a kimono from Rosebriar Boutique in Memphis, TN!

Why Do Local Boutique Shops Matter?

Even the worst of shoppers (that’s me) loves a cute boutique in a charming town. As a traveler, I always want to support a truly local business and find a little something I can’t find anywhere else! Boutiques add color, fun, and the unexpected to townsquares, main streets, and pedestrian areas all over the country and the world. Why is it so important to support them?

Local Employment and Business Sense

Boutiques employ locals, and often those locals often high school or college-age young women. These young women (and young men more often than not) have the opportunity to manage real business responsibilities and learn first-hand how a business really works from all angles and from the inside out! A typical retail store won’t give them the same opportunities.

How adorable is this map display dress from a boutique on Nantucket?!

Why You Should Choose Boutiques

The fact of the matter is, when this quarantine is all over, Amazon will be fine. Wal-Mart will be fine. Target will be fine. Local boutiques, however, need us right now if they’re going to survive the Great COVID-19 Quarantine of 2020. Boutiques don’t have multiple locations across the country or around the world to pick up the slack when one store is going through a rough time. They are one store. Choose a boutique over a big box store to support locals with a passion for what they’re selling!

How cute is this midi dress from Poppies Boutique in Lebanon, TN?

How Can You Support Boutiques in Quarantine?

Can’t make it into town because of the quarantine? Never fear! There are still ways to support boutique businesses in your area!

Shop Online

Not every boutique has an online shop, but for the ones that do, this will be their saving grace! Birthdays are still happening, even though parties may be cancelled. Friends need a pick-me-up and would love to get a surprise in the mail! Anniversaries are still happening, so that date-night-in deserves a new dress! Maybe you’re feeling lonely and a little bit down. Would a cute mug with a motivational saying make you feel better? Yes it would! Get shopping. Many boutiques are offering discounts and free shipping or curbside pick up during this weird time!

Buy a Gift Card to Use Later

Another great option is a gift card! The money you spend now will help with cashflow during this incredibly uncertain time, and your future trip to the shop when they reopen will really boost their spirits and calm them down when they realize people really are coming back! Buy one for yourself. Buy one for your mom. Buy a gift card for your neighbor!

These adorable earrings came from 3:Sixteen Boutique in Lebanon, TN!

How Can You Support Boutiques for FREE?

Low on cash? No worries! You can still help support your favorite boutiques for FREE in heartfelt and meaningful ways.


Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and everywhere else they happen to be on social media! It will give them such a boost and remind them that people actually do support them and their dream!

I may be in Charleston here, but I will always remember the little shop in Verona, Italy, where I got this adorable scarf!

Like, Comment, and SHARE!

These are the best things you can do for them because it can be so far-reaching! Like, comment on, and share their posts. They are trying so hard right now to get customers to shop with them so they can make it through this crazy moment in time. Your share might reach their next customer!

Tell Your Friends

Word of mouth is still excellent marketing! While you’re texting, FaceTiming, SnapChatting, and calling to check on friends, feel free to mention the great online deals at your favorite boutique!

LOVE my messy bun beanie from Poppies Boutique in Lebanon, TN!
Are you a local boutique owner? Please share this post and comment with more ways people can help you during this incredibly uncertain time!

Today’s Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is YOUR PICK! Think about your favorite small business, the small business your friend is starting up, the small business that you really want to see come through this quarantine like a winner, and enter the contest so you can both win! Here’s how:

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I will choose a winner at 9:00am Wednesday, March 25, to receive a $25 gift card (or item worth up to $25 if the business does not offer gift cards) from their favorite small business! Everyone wins!

That awesome turquoise and leather bracelet came from Prairie House Home Goods in Cheyenne, Wyoming!

Want more ways to help local businesses, stay sane, and make it through this situation together? Check out my Health and Wellness Page!

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