How to Help Online Businesses During COVID-19

Online shops are fine right now, right? Nothing to worry about. Their whole business is online anyway!

How is E-commerce Struggling?

Not so fast! Online companies may have an advantage over storefronts in that they already have everything invested in an online presence and low overhead with no brick-and-mortar store to maintain, but they still struggle with the same supply chain issues as other small businesses.

And then there’s shipping. Kira Stokes, a fitness trainer I follow on Instagram is based in New York City. Her home workout products, however, ship from the factory in California, which is shut down right now. Customers can still order her products, but they will have to be a little bit patient until their supplier in California is cleared to go back to work.

Send a little something to bring sunshine to a friend’s day!

As another example, my favorite give-back business Marie Mae Company is based in Texas, but their supply chain came to a halt overnight from Rwanda to Haiti to the United States. Some of her products are made by a company in New York that recently had to stop operations until the quarantine is lifted. They’re in the middle of a huge, high-profile order, and if they don’t have enough products, that could jeopardize not only their order but their relationship with that company. Thankfully they’ve been able to find a supplier for those products in Texas that has been deemed essential for now.

How Can You Help with Cashflow?

Shop with Them, but Be a Little Bit Patient

By all means, please shop! Most likely there will be plenty of inventory to get them through, and it will be shipped in a normal timeframe, but just in case, be prepared to be a little bit patient. They really want to keep their customers happy, and they are trying everything they can think of to make it all work in this very interesting time we’re living in.

So buy a treat for yourself or for a loved one who needs a pick-me-up! It will mean the world to the online small business which needs your support!

Be cool and wait patiently.

Buy a Gift Card

Another option is a gift card! If the company is out of the item or items you want, buy a gift card in any amount to use when the items are back in stock. The company will have the cashflow they desperately need to keep going, and you will be able to get what you need when the items are available again!

How Can You Help for FREE?

Sign Up for the Newsletter

This will help them and help you at the same time! Sign up for your favorite company’s newsletter or e-mail list (you can always unsubscribe later if it’s really not for you!). You could receive discount codes, special deals, exclusive first looks at new products and more! And it’s totally FREE to sign up.


Follow them on all their social media! So many companies rely heavily on social media for marketing and advertising. The catch is, their success on social media depends on you. The larger their following, the more people who see their products and hear their mission. They work so hard to succeed, and it costs nothing to give them a follow!

Don’t forget to follow!

Like, Tag, and Comment

What’s better than a follow? Engagement. And I’m not talking diamonds. The more likes, tags, and comments people give them on any social medium, the more that medium will show that post to others. The greater the engagement, the more visibility; the more visibility, the more potential clients or customers! So please, like, tag, and comment on their social media posts. It will mean the world to them!


What kind of engagement is also free and yet the most invaluable? The SHARE! The more you share, the better their posts do. And your friends take that share as a personal recommendation. There is no greater compliment to any company than your personal recommendation of them. And it’s FREE for you!

Be like these bird friends and share!

Today’s Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is YOUR PICK! Think about your favorite small business, the small business your friend is starting up, the small business that you really want to see come through this quarantine like a winner, and enter the contest so you can both win! Here’s how:

  • SHARE this post on Facebook or SHARE my latest Instagram post on your Instastories.
  • TAG both Quick Whit Travel and your favorite local small business-–or businesses!–-in the post. This can be a shop, boutique, restaurant, hair salon, bakery, coffee shop, etc. Tag as many as you like!

I will choose a winner at 9:00am Saturday, March 28, to receive a $25 gift card (or item worth up to $25 if the business does not offer gift cards) from their favorite small business! You both win!

Let your online business friends know you support them. They’re not alone!

Want more recommendations for ways to pass the time in quarantine, resources for “traveling from home,” and reasons to be thankful in this trying moment in time? Check out my Health and Wellness Page!

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