I Like Liverwurst!

Originally published 24 November 2010. Guten Morgen! (Good morning!) =) Whew! These Swiss know how to eat and how to keep an American busy! =) Where did we leave off? Saturday afternoon, Simona and I watched a movie and made supper that night to have with the boys. Her kitchen is SO big compared toContinue reading “I Like Liverwurst!”

The Land of Cheese and Chocolate!

Originally published 20 November 2010. Guten Tag! What a busy couple of days it’s been getting here! Shannon and Elijah (the baby!) dropped me off at the Dulles airport Thursday afternoon, and I was on my way! The plan ride was over night and a little less than 8 hours, so I slept off andContinue reading “The Land of Cheese and Chocolate!”

Swiss Adventure: The Final Installment

Originally posted 29 June 2010. And that leads us to… Friday! Again, Nicolas came over (he’s a househusband, that’s how he was able to come help us during the week!) and picked up Joyce, Alice, and me. We went to the church to make preparations for lunch. Someone from the church always makes lunch forContinue reading “Swiss Adventure: The Final Installment”

Swiss Circus

Originally posted 19 June 2010. Hoi! (Swiss-German for “Hey!” Still playing catch up… Saturday! We went out to eat for Margrit’s birthday, and let me tell you, the Swiss know how to do it right! We went to a beautiful, historic restaurant (with quite a past!) and had the most amazing meal! Curry-coconut soup, freshContinue reading “Swiss Circus”

Life in Switzerland Never Stops!

Originally published 14 June 2010. Whew! What an amazing few days! Time to catch up! Last Thursday, I was in for a real treat… a guided tour of Basel’s religious background and historic churches! Holger, the preacher at the church here in Basel, took me all around and explained why it’s so difficult to spreadContinue reading “Life in Switzerland Never Stops!”

With or Without Gas?

Originally published 10 June 2010.  Would you like your water with or without gas? The first time someone asked me that, I almost cracked up! (They mean carbonated water or non-carbonated water, by the way!) The Swiss never offer ice, and the cups are very small. I love new and different cultures!!!!! =) By the way,Continue reading “With or Without Gas?”

Switzerland is Beautiful!

Originally published 7 June 2010 Hey there everyone! I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment, but we’ve done so much already! I’ll try to tell more about it all soon, but the highlights have been… I was awake for almost 40 hours the first day (days? haha) because I didn’tContinue reading “Switzerland is Beautiful!”