The Ultimate 2022 Valentine’s Gift Guide

Ready or not, Valentine’s Day is coming! Maybe you prefer to scramble at the last minute. Or maybe you’re already on top if it. Either way, I have some great ideas for you! Whether your traveling loved one is an animal lover, experience seeker, or homebody (when they’re not traveling), there’s something for him or her in this gift guide!

Enso Rings

There’s really nothing like it. There you are, swimming with your spouse in the waters off the coast of Kauai, and that’s when it happens. You look down, and your wedding ring is missing. It’s on the bottom of the ocean, in some turtle’s belly, or blinging out some octopus under the sea.

That exact scenarios is why my husband and I leave our real wedding bands at home when we take trips to islands, deserts, beaches, or hiking junkets! I love our silicone rings to travel with instead. Enso rings are not only colorful place holders, they’re made in America! Get one for your honey this Valentine’s day!

A Plane Ticket

It’s the ultimate show of love for a traveler: a plane ticket to somewhere new! Somewhere exotic! Somewhere they’ve always wanted to go! This one requires a little coordination, so it may be hard to give this as a surprise. But never fear! It will be appreciated, surprise or not!

Everyone loves a surprise trip!
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A Stay in a Romantic Hotel

Before I met Steve, I was always looking for the cheapest option—hostels, staying with friends, splitting costs, etc. But to my great delight, Steve enjoys really nice hotels! I can’t tell you how much it means to me when he springs for the Sacher Hotels in Austria, the Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki, or the Courtyard of Juliet in Verona! Whether it’s just once night or a whole week, the experience of staying in a beautiful, romantic hotel around Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary is a winner every time. 

Tropical paradise with my Love AND breakfast room service included? It’s true!
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Travel-friendly Spa Kit

Nothing says “I’m pampering you” like actual pampering materials! My friends over at Truly-Life specialize in solid and natural bath products, including their very popular Clay Mask and Spa Kit, as well as their Coffee & Cocoa Mask Kit for Two! There is enough in each kit for two people, so this is a fun way to spend time together either at home or in your travels. Just make sure your hotel has a soaker bath tub!

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Hot Cocoa, Marshmallows, and Matching Mugs

Want to impress your honey with something ultra-cozy? I love the unique flavor combinations (and classic flavors!) from artisan cocoa and marshmallow company Mountain Mallow out of Colorado. Pair a package of each with matching mugs, and you’re ready for a chilly evening by the campfire, movie night in, or just some quality cozy time together!

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A Travel Journal

Does your favorite traveler love to write? Or maybe they’re always keeping ticket stubs and mementos with no place to put them? This beautiful travel journal will show them you’ve been paying attention. It comes in multiple colors, and it can be refilled with new paper as often as needed.

New Luggage

Nothing says “love” like new luggage. It says, “I support you,” “You’re going places,” “Of course I don’t think you travel too much,” and “I’ll come, too!” Good luggage is a bit of a pricey item, but it could last a lifetime if you get the quality option below. This is a thoughtful and practical, yet adventurous gift–the thing every traveler wants and needs, but is perhaps unwilling to buy for themselves!

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My Fahlo Animal Tracker

Is your traveling loved one an animal lover? They’ll love this fun way to track a rescued and rehabbed animal! Fahlo (pronounced like “follow”) works to support non-profits that help sea turtles, sharks, elephants, and polar bears. You order a bracelet with the animal (or animals!) and color of your choice, and it comes with tracking information for your loved one’s very own animal friend that has been rehabbed and put back into the wild. You can follow their journey in the My Fahlo app, and you might even be inspired to visit their homeland on a future trip! Get 20% off with code QUICKWHIT20 for any and every bracelet!

Choose a Sea Turtle, Shark, Elephant, or Polar Bear… or all four!
Get 20% off your whole order with code QUICKWHIT20!

Travel-inspired Book Series

Everyone needs an airplane read, right? Of course! The Lost and Found series consists of seven novellas set in a variety of destinations both in the United States and abroad. It follows a 20-something workaholic who’s been “forced” to take her 480 hours of accumulated vacation time, but she’s not happy about it! The series follows her adventures and how travel changes her, little by little, in amazing ways. Start with Paradise Lost and Found, or go ahead and get the whole set!

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