The Best Gifts for Travelers on Amazon

Looking for that perfect something for the traveler in your life? I have just the thing, no in-person shopping required! There are some very amazing options out there for the traveler in your life, but if you yourself are not a fan of travel, you might be at a bit of a loss for what your traveling loved one might want or need. Here are the best options, and they’re all just a few days away from arriving at your door!

Scratch Off Map

Steve and I have a couple of these, and they are so fun! Whether your favorite traveler is on a mission to visit every state or check off as many countries as possible, this is not only a fun way to keep track, it’s also a conversation starter! Spring for a nice frame and help them find a place to hang it in their home. They’ll love you for it!

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Cork Globe

This is such a fun alternative to a traditional map or globe! A cork globe can be marked with push pins, like the first one below, but then I also just found this other one that you color in with a marker! Or why not use the colored markers AND use push pins?! I’m already excited about these, can you tell? Most travelers are not “stuff people,” but believe me when I say if they’re going to appreciate “stuff,” it will be one of these!

Even better, these are sold on Amazon, but they come from a small business!

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Travel Journal

Most travelers are not buying wi-fi on their flights. They need something to do! It’s also important to have good, old-fashioned pen and paper to draw maps (or ask locals to draw a map), write down directions, write down information, etc. On my trip to Japan for three months in college, I filled up four or five journals just on that trip! And I still treasure them. A really nice travel journal will be appreciated, and they’ll think of you every time they use it!

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Homesick Candles

Whether they’re homesick or not, your traveler will love these! They come in custom scents for your traveler’s favorite (or home) state, city, or country. Personally, Hawaii holds a special place in my heart, so I got one for my husband and me when we had to miss our annual trip there in 2020. It really did make me happy! Which one would you choose?

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The Lost and Found Series

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If there’s a solo or budget-conscious traveler on your gift list, they will love you forever if you get them a luggage backpack. They can’t afford it on their own (all their money goes to plane tickets and accommodations, you know), but this is truly something they need to travel like they want to.

They’re over the roll-aboard: They need to use of both hands while they run through the airport to make that tight connection! Trust me, as a solo female traveler, every traveler needs this kind of luggage!

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