The Ultimate Gift Guide Round-up for Christmas 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love finding the perfect gifts for my friends, family, and colleagues who have helped Quick Whit Travel grow over the past year. I know you’re seeing an awful lot of gift guides and trying to navigate both finding the best deals and manage shipping deadlines, so I have kept my gift guides short and sweet, and I’ve tried to make them as helpful and practical as possible.

Many of the companies I’m featuring in this year’s gift guides have generously offered special deals and discount codes for my readers (that’s you!). To keep it organized, I’ve pulled all my gift guides together here so you can browse as you like. Here are my 2021 gift guides–the best yet!

American Made Gifts

I’ve tried very hard this year to be more aware of where my purchases come from. It’s definitely not always possible to find exactly what you need that was made in the USA, but I’ve pulled together some of my tried and true favorites here! I’ve got everything from jewelry and candles to soaps and custom jackets for you–all made in America!

Check out the discount codes (from 10%-25%!), and support these amazing companies committed to making their products in the US of A.

Get 25% off my favorite American made soaps from with code QUICKWHIT, and get even more discounts in the blog post!
More than home made: The Best American Made Gifts for Travelers

Gifts from Small Businesses

The small businesses that have survived the pandemic and supply chain issues (along with all the regular challenges of running a small business), not only deserve a pat on the back, they deserve to thrive this season. My favorites give back in unique ways, like Marie Mae Company with their gift boxes that support victims of human trafficking; take a chance to support other small businesses, like Poppie’s Boutique giving me the chance to be an influencer with them; and go above and beyond to help their clients find just the right pieces of jewelry for a special occasion, like Kristen Baird Designs.

Get discounts of 10%-20% or even FREE shipping from these and other incredible American-based small businesses!

Get 20% off a beautifully wrapped gift for your friends and family with code HOLIDAY21 at!
Support Small Businesses here: The Best Gifts from Small Businesses

Eco-friendly Gifts

Travelers have long been keenly aware of the effects we have on the planet. We all want the world to be beautiful for people for years to come, and that starts with our choices! Whether or not you’re a tree hugger, you know it’s gotten easier over the last few years to find good, sustainable products that actually can go toe-to-toe with less sustainable options. The items below are some of my go-tos for travel, and they’ll make perfect gifts for the sustainability-minded traveler in your life!

The most beautiful places in the world only stay that way with a little effort!
Check it out here: The Best Gifts for Eco-friendly Travelers

Gifts for Foodies

We all have to eat, right? We may as well support small businesses and get an authentic taste of travel while we’re at it! I was able to work with several of my favorite food companies from around the United States for this blog post, and I think you’ll love it! Whether you’re in the mood for Boston Cream Pie, Hawaiian coffee, or cheese from actual dairy farmers in Wisconsin, there’s something to satisfy ever traveler’s tastebuds!

Get 20% off your Mountain Mallow order for gourmet hot cocoa and homemade marshmallows with code WHITNEY!
Come hungry: The Best Gifts for Travel Foodies

Stocking Stuffers

My husband’s family never did stockings growing up. It just wasn’t a thing for them. When I found out about that, I was shocked! My parents always made a huge deal about Christmas stockings, and they still do! This year, my mom asked what to put in Steve’s and my stocking before she even asked what we wanted for Christmas under the tree. If you’re stuck for travelers’ stocking stuffer ideas, I’ve got some for you in this post!

Do you see the stocking surprise?!
Find it all here: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

The Best Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a cop-out or a genius gift. Personally, I appreciate a thoughtful gift card. Not everyone appreciates an Uber,, or Amazon gift card quite as much as a traveler. Family have asked us in the past about what gift cards I want, so I thought other people who love travelers might be curious, too! Our favorites are in the blog post!

Presents are fun, but gift cards are travel-friendly!
Check it out here: The Best Gift Cards for Travelers

Want more? Get the best ideas on my dedicated Shop Page!

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Who is the HARDEST person on your list to shop for? Comment below!

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