The Best Outfits to Wear on the Plane

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Now for today’s Packing Style post…

It’s the great debate: what do you wear on a plane? Do you go for comfort? Maybe a step above pajamas? Or do you want to look professional? Perhaps you prefer heels and a pantsuit? I’m somewhere in the middle. Comfort is key, but if I look frumpy, I also feel frumpy, which isn’t good for my mood after a long flight. You know what I mean? Here are some of my favorite airplane looks, along with explanations for why and links to shop with me!

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The Layered Adventurer

Fall is my least favorite season for packing. The temperatures and weather can be so unpredictable in much of the world! Our trip to San Diego in November was particularly strange. Rain and 50-degree temps in the Southern California desert? What?!

It’s important to me to travel carry-on only, and one way to do that is to take clothing items that are on their last leg and plan to leave them behind. So my strategy was to layer up with items that I could wear with multiple outfits, as well as items I knew would need to stay behind.

The Outfit

Love this tan suede jacket? Yep, it came from Poppie’s!

Ready to jet!
  • White Scarf (Actually a kimono that I can wear multiple ways! Here it’s a scarf, but I also could also wear it as a kimono with a tank top and leggings.)
  • Tan Suede Jacket (It goes with everything else I packed for those chilly days.)
  • Pink Sweater (This one is about 10 or 11 years old, has pit stains, is pilling and has been for the last 8 or 9 years, and the cuffs have lost their elasticity, so it looks frumpy on its own. I hardly wore it the last couple of years, so I decided this would be its last hurrah!)
  • Black Tank Top (This makes a great undershirt and goes with almost everything else I packed, plus I can wear it on its own with the white kimono and leggings.)
  • Jeans (I made sure you couldn’t tell in the picture, but these jeans are several years old, and the previous time I wore them, I found holes on both inner thighs. This was their final trip!)
  • Running Shoes (They’re more comfortable for travel than most. Wearing instead of packing them allowed me to take up less space in my carry-on, and they were ready to be retired after this trip.)
  • Mask (Because 2020.)

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Best with a Vest

I’m a leggings girl. I just love them! But you know what I don’t love? Not having pockets! Enter: the vest. It’s the perfect layering piece, and zippered pockets mean there’s always a place to stow your phone, wallet, earbuds, and maybe a chapstick for the flight!

The Outfit

This is what I wore to fly home to Tennessee for Thanksgiving in 2020 (hello, mask!). The neutral-toned, light sweater is the perfect weight for fall in Tennessee, and the scarf I’m wearing is actually a kimono! It goes with several other things I packed for the trip, so it pulls double duty. The vest is puffer-style, so if I want to pack it on the way home instead of wearing it, I totally can. My boots here are big enough that I didn’t want to waste the space to pack them, so I wore them instead. And, of course, the leggings are the ultimate in comfort!

A vest with zippered pockets is a life-saver for travel!

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The Multi-use Jet Setter

The Outfit

This was one of the best outfits for a complicated day of travel. My non-stop flight to Dallas was oversold, so United was offering a $1000 voucher for a future flight in an effort to entice people to take a later flight, or make a connection. The weather was decent in D.C., so I wasn’t worried about delays or never making it to Dallas at all, so I took it! I ended up connecting in Houston, and landed only an hour after my originally scheduled arrival.

This little leggings and kimono number took me from D.C. to Houston to Dallas in January–with quite a temperature shift! I wore a sweater over my black camisole, and my kimono as a scarf in D.C., and when we landed in Dallas, I folded up the sweater and unfurled the kimono. Perfect!

Ready to take flight!

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The Comfy Maxi Traveler

You know the best thing about traveling in a maxi dress? It’s every bit as good as traveling in a nightgown. Don’t believe me? Try it! The maxi length is best for long flights, in my opinion, because it keeps your legs covered on chilly planes while remaining comfortable. This look, intentionally selected for the 20+ hours of flight from Guam back to Washington, D.C., was perfect for watching movies and TV shows, reading, catching some sleep, and walking up and down the aisles to keep my feet from swelling!

The Outfit

This dress is perfect for travel because it’s what I like to call a “wad-up dres.” That means you can wad it up (or fold it, or roll it), and it won’t wrinkle! It also has enough structure that I don’t have to wear a bra with it—something I always look for in my summer wear! It can be styled multiple ways, such as with a jacket, belt, or t-shirt, making it one of the most versatile pieces for travel!

Long flights are better when you feel like you’re wearing a nightgown.

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