Packing for St. Martin: The Ultimate Ladies’ Guide

Packing is the worst part of travel… But the best part is, you’re packing to go to St. Martin! I know you’ll have the best time, but you should also be able to look great while packing light. No one likes to be weighed down on vacation, am I right? So here’s the ultimate list of the best things to pack for your St. Martin vacation without overpacking!

Travel Day

Unless you have perfect timing and live in one of a select few major cities, you will likely have to connect to get to St. Martin, potentially making for a long-ish travel day. No worries! Comfort is possible without wearing your pajamas on the plane. Check out my favorite travel day outfit, and plan to wear wear each piece again during your trip!

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Around the Island

The great thing about islands is that they’re not formal. Everything is easy-breezy, which is right up my alley! Choose 2-3 dresses, and maybe a romper, too! Bonus points if the dresses are versatile enough to wear multiple ways–perhaps as a bathing suit cover-up!

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At the Beach

This is why you come to the Caribbean–the beach! If you plan on spending a few days (or every day) at the beach, be sure to pack 2-3 bathing suits. Even better if a couple of those are mix and match bikinis!

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Rough and Ready

You know the other thing I love about islands? They’re rugged! I love finding my way through island hikes that result in epic views, or going on a run that includes a stretch of beach. I love it so much, even a light packer like myself is willing to throw in a few extra items to make sure I can get my sweat on!

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Island Gear

Trust me, there are some things you just can’t leave behind when you visit an island. These are the three absolute essentials: Water shoes so you don’t cut your feet on rocks or coral; dry bag so your valuables are protected in the water (and you won’t have to leave them on the beach!); and a quick dry towel. No one wants to carry around a soggy towel!

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Okay, the truth of the matter is, I’m not high maintenance. I do, however, know what I like! Here are the best of the best in travel toiletries, including solids whenever possible. You need to save space in your liquids bag, you know!

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