5 Gorgeous Ways to Style a Kimono

When I lived in Japan, way back when I first started the blog, I never dreamed that kimonos would be the hottest trend more than a decade later. Nor did I think they wouldn’t really look like traditional kimonos at all! But seriously, these flowy, beautiful, just-the-right-weight-for-every-season cardigan cousins are one of my favorite travel must-haves. They’re the perfect accessory to change up everything you packed, no matter what season you’re coming from or heading into. Here are five ways to wear a kimono to change up any outfit!

With Pants and a Cami or Tee

This is one of my favorite “airplane outfits.” It’s easy, it’s comfortable, and a look like this will take you from the plane to the museums to dinner with no need to change clothes. This look works with jeans and a sweater, leggings and a cami, or either pants option with a basic tee. Add a long necklace and statement earrings to dress it up a bit!

Comfortable and Fashionable

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With a Dress

I’ll tell you the truth: 9-year-old Quick Whit hated dresses. Fast forward about 15 years, and they became my #1 go-to! Summer, winter, spring, fall, date night, church, concerts, flying, luaus–now they’re all the perfect occasion for a fun dress! I got the maroon swing dress below at Poppies Boutique in Lebanon, TN, because it’s the perfect color to carry me from fall, through Christmas, onward to Valentine’s Day, and beyond! The perfect pairing happens to be with this kimono from Rosebriar Boutique in Halls, TN!

A fun way to change up the look of any dress!

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As a Scarf

This is a favorite clothing hack! Just tie one corner of the kimono to the opposite corner, and you have an infinity scarf! I love doing this when I’m traveling from a cooler climate to a warmer climate. In the colder climate, I wear a kimono as a scarf over a sweater with cami underneath and a pair of jeans or leggings; when I hop off the plane in a warmer destination, I untie the kimono, take off the sweater to reveal the cami underneath, slip into the kimono, and fold up the sweater to put it in my purse or luggage. Here I’ve got it paired with my favorite dress!

Kimono or scarf? Who can tell?

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With Shorts and a Summer Top

The thing I love most about kimonos is the fact that they can be worn in any season! I’m not a huge shorts fan, but when paired with a kimono, I’d almost consider them chic! It’s an easy way to change up your look.

Ready for a beach day!

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As a Bathing Suit Coverup

Are you convinced of the kimono’s versatility yet? How about using it as a bathing suit cover-up while we’re at it? It’s chic, it’s modest, it’s light, it’s airy–it’s perfect!

Easy, breezy!

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So what do you think? Are kimonos for you? What’s your favorite way to wear yours? Comment so we can all be as fashionable as you!

And while you’re at it, check out my Packing Page and visit the “Travel Style” tab for more ways to wear your favorite items!

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