How to Style a Midi Dress 9 Ways

As a traveler and self-proclaimed “master packer,” do you know what gives me a thrill? Packing perfectly. That means everything I packed can go with everyone else, no toiletries are leftover to bring home, and I didn’t bring anything I didn’t wear or use. You know how often that has happened? Maybe once! But trying for that is half the fun right?

One of my favorite multi-purpose pieces to take with me wherever I go is a midi dress. It doesn’t matter what season it is, what the location will be or what else I pack, a classic midi is an essential part of my travel wardrobe. Here are nine (yes, nine!) ways to wear a midi to change up your look!

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On Its Own

I love having a dress that I can just throw on and go! I mean, if it looks cute and feels like a nightgown, where is the downside? This particular dress can be worn to the beach, out to dinner, as a bathing suit cover-up, and more! Prints are so fun and can be changed up in lots of ways, but I also love solids for their versatility and how flattering they can be.

The best dress can be worn as-is!

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With a Belt

Sometimes I need to be reminded that I have a wastline. How about you? Also, as an adult woman with a petite frame, adding a belt for a defined waistline helps me appear taller—which might be weird, but that’s how this body works!

A belt creates a whole new style!

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With a Kimono

I’m totally onboard with the kimono cardigan trend! I hope it’s here forever so I never have to go without one. I love pairing one with a midi dress for something comforting on long flights, a little arm coverage with a breeze, or just to disguise something I already wore so I can wear it again! Be on the lookout for an upcoming blog post about multiple ways to wear a kimono.

I LOVE a good kimono cardigan!

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With a Jacket

If I need something a little warmer than a kimono, a jacket is my go-to. Whether it’s denim, leather, vegan leather, or something else, a jacket is the perfect, effective accessory to change up your whole look!

The sunglass add to the coolness of this look.

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With a Scarf

Give me a midi and a scarf, and I can have a different outfit every day of the week! Whether you drape it like I’ve done below, wrap it for an elegant look, or tie it to create an infinity scarf at your neckline, adding a scarf will take your outfit to the next level! Be on the lookout for an upcoming post about multiple ways to wear a scarf.

A scarf take any outfit from plain to a little something special.

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Knotted at the Knee

If you don’t have a bunch of accessories to change your look, just change its silhouette a little bit. A knot on one side or even in the middle can change things up just enough. No extra packing needed!

Forget me “knot”!

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With a Tied Button-down

This is probably my favorite non-traditional way to wear a dress! I just love how it looks, and I really love that this same button-down can also go with jeans, leggings, or slacks as well! It’s the perfect companion piece. When I wear it with a dress like this, I leave it unbuttoned and just tie it in a knot at the waistline.

I love how a tied button-down gives me a new color combo, a defined waist, and an elegant look!

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Over Leggings

Is that dress a little on the short side? Find yourself walking around on a chilly day? The answer is leggings! I love adding leggings to practically anything in my suitcase because they are good for so many things. Adding a pair to a dress means I can stretch my clothing choice from summer to fall, and even into a mild winter.

Leggings are the perfect accessory to take your dress from summer to fall!

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With Statement Jewelry

A statement piece can completely change the look of an entire outfit! You can get a fresh feel with just one piece, whether it’s earrings, a necklace, or a chunky bracelet. I’m showing off all three here, but normally I would just choose one!

Make a statement!

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I hope you love these looks! How do you love to wear a dress when you travel?

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