The Best Places to Travel in Spring

Where do you like to travel in the spring? Are you longing for the snowy days of winter, or are you like me and longing for steadily warmer weather and longer days? Do you love starting the day with a sweater, or do you live for the afternoon warm-up when you can maybe (maybe!) go sleeveless? Whatever your fancy, I’ve got a springtime travel destination for you!

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tulip lovers, rejoice! This is the place of dreams for those of us with an unusual affection for tulips. Visiting Amsterdam and the Keukenhoff Gardens during the tulip festival was a dream of mine for years, and a couple of years ago, we finally made it happen! Fair warning: it can be a little chilly, and it might rain on you, but if you pack appropriately, you’ll have the spring time of your life!

They had tulip varieties I’d never even heard of!
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Guam is gorgeous all year long! It’s the farthest you can possibly be from the United States’ mainland and still be in America, but you’ve also got the benefit of friendly Pacific Islanders and a massive taste of Asia, too! Springtime is the perfect time to visit Guam because crowds are lower (holidays like the Lunar New Year are very popular on Guam because of its proximity to Asia), and if you live in a cooler overall climate, you’ll love the vibrant colors of the beach, the ocean, the flowers, and the rain forest!

Beautiful morning run on Guam!
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Okay, let’s be honest here: Hawaii is perfect any time of year! But Steve and I always visit in spring for our wedding anniversary, so you know it had to be on this list. Spring is as much of a “shoulder season” as you’ll get in Hawaii. It’s between the busy winter holiday season and the highly popular summer break season, so there are lighter crowds than most other times of year. Early in the spring, you might still see some humpback whales, and later in the spring, you’ll start to find some deals on hotels and flights!

Hawaii is gorgeous all year long, but less crowded in spring!
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My adopted hometown of Washington, D.C., may have the largest Cherry Blossom Festival in the United States, but the tradition all started in Japan! The famous Sakura, or cherry blossoms, can be seen throughout the country at different times in the spring, starting in the south and working their way up. But there’s more to Japan’s springtime than their signature blossoms. It’s also strawberry season, temperatures are mild, and it’s the beginning of green tea picking season for all the matcha fans out there!

Peaceful moments can be found in Japan in springtime!
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Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is one of my favorite places on the planet! But let’s be for real: it gets muggy, hot, and humid there in the summer! Savannah is gorgeous in the spring, what with the dogwoods blooming, festivals happening, and perfect weather. Who doesn’t like 70s and sunshine, right? Whether you’re there for the history, the food, or the romantic strolls through the Spanish moss, Savannah is an excellent choice for a spring excursion.

Savannah is gorgeous in spring!
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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Even in the rainy season, Siem Reap is stunning. The massive and numerous temples scattered throughout the jungle are simply beautiful and inspiring, and the locals are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Spring is definitely a warm time of year, but not like the summer months. The rainy season starts in late spring, so go before June if you want to avoid the rain!

Cambodia is one of the most beutiful places I’ve ever been!
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Singapore is basically the same all year round… hot and humid! But the springtime is ideal because you’re ready for some warmth after a long winter, am I right? This tropical getaway is just what those of us with Seasonal Affective Disorder need to make it through until summer. Whether you need some beach time, luxury shopping, or just want to admire the incredible architecture, Singapore in spring is the place for you!

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Washington, D.C.

You know I have to throw in my adopted hometown! D.C. is famous for its sprintime Cherry Blossom Festival, but really it’s beautiful all season long. Peak bloom for the blossoms lasts only a couple of days, but there are early and late bloomers all the way from late February until mid-April, plus there are hundreds of other blossoms popping up all over the place, too!

It’s a bit crowded that time of year, so just be prepared for that, but it’s crowded because it’s beautiful! The weather can be a bit unpredictable, so just keep a watch on the forecast, and pack with layers in mind. And bring good walking shoes—you’ll always walk more than you expect in D.C.!

The cherry blossoms are some of the most beautiful icons of D.C.!
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