What to Do on Guam on a Rainy Day

Updated August 9, 2020!

It’s Guam Week! My husband and I were incredibly excited for our week-long trip to Guam to get away from the inauguration madness in D.C.! Since our trip started with a rainy day, it’s only fitting for Guam Week on the blog to start the same way!

Islands generally get a lot of rain and a lot of sun. Guam actually gets an average of 80-110 inches of rain per year, which is a lot! It rained off and on every day of our trip, but especially on the first day. Instead of being disappointed in the rain on our beach vacation, we found some fun ways to enjoy it anyway! Here are six rainy day activities for your trip.

 1. Go out anyway! 

Don’t let the blue skies in the background fool you–it was actually raining when this shot was taken! If you’re swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc., you’re going to get wet anyway! As long as it’s safe to be on the water (no lightning!), why not?

Get out on the water. You’ll be wet anyway!
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 2. Head to the Aquarium

We LOVED the Under Water World Aquarium. It actually started raining big drops on our short walk to the aquarium, so that was perfect. It’s not a large aquarium, but I could have spent hours in the tunnel just watching the sea life do their thing!

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 3. See the Sights

You will be glad you rented a car in Guam! The scenic road around the southern half of Guam is beautiful, rain or shine! The drive can take as long (or not long) as you like, depending on how much you’d like to stop at the villages along the way. Check out some fruit stands, take a dip in a natural swimming hole along the way, and take in the glimpses of world history this island possesses.

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 4. Take in a Museum

The War in the Pacific Museum was fabulous. I learned so much about Guam’s role in World War II, and it’s free! Be sure to stop into the Guam Museum as well. Museums are perfect for rainy days, since the indoors will certainly be drier!

We enjoyed the Pacific War Museum very much.
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 5. Spend Some Time at a Spa

You came to the beach to relax, right? Don’t let the rain stop you! If you’re staying at a resort, they likely have a spa on site. There are also several salons on the island as well!

Tale a moment to truly relax!
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 6. Look for the Rainbows!

Where there’s rain in Guam, there’s most likely a rainbow on the way! We saw at least one every day we were on the island. The picture above is the first rainbow I’ve ever seen fully from end to end, and it was right outside our balcony!

No rainbows without the rain.
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Any of those sound like fun? Don’t forget to read all my Guam posts on the Pacific Islands Page!

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