The Best Things to Love about Savannah

Updated July 19, 2020.

Ah, Savannah, Georgia. It’s the best of the South and then some, y’all. Nashville has gotten too “big city” for me, Atlanta has the busiest airport in the world (no thanks!), and a certain popular Southern city just one state up from Georgia is a little too… pretentious. But Savannah’s charm and sincerity really make it shine. Here are the top 10 things I love about Savannah!

10. The Spanish Moss

Call me a romantic; that’s what I am! Savannah’s centuries-old trees are covered in Spanish moss, making the whole city look old and mysterious, like a dream or the scene out of a movie. The way it drapes over the limbs is almost iconically Southern—it sort of mimics us Southerners on those hot and sultry summer days while we positively drip over our rocking chairs sipping sweet tea on the porch.

Spanish Moss in the Trees

9. The Squares

I love the historic squares in Savannah. They have been part of the city’s infrastructure for hundreds of years. They are the perfect place to sit and enjoy the scenery, they make for easy walking through town, and all of them feature greenery, flowers, and my favorite: historic markers!

James Edward Oglethorpe. Who’s that?
There’s a marker to let you know who he was!

8. The Fountains and Statues

Speaking of those squares, they often feature beautiful statues and fountains. They are all worth admiring, and each one is unique!

Gorgeous fountains at every turn!
Statue and steeple… two of my favorites!

7. River Street

Okay, it’s a little “touristy” by some standards, but on my morning run, it was beautiful and charming! You’ll find cobblestones, historic architecture, riverfront views, and if you go during business hours, you’ll find freshly made sweets and treats!

River Street
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6. The Walkability

Walkability may sound kind of silly, but it’s something I truly look for in a city to visit! The sites are so close together, there are sidewalks along every road (not a luxury where I currently live!), and all those beautiful parks and squares are literally made for walking through!

Walking through Forsyth Park

5. The Historic Properties

Savannah has more visitable historic homes, churches, restaurants, and museums than just about any other city I’ve visited. It’s wonderful! Between dining at the Olde Pink House, touring Sherman’s headquarters during the Civil War, visiting historic St. John’s, and finding the Bird Girl at the Telfair Academy, there’s something for everyone!

St. John’s Episcopal Church
The must-see Mercer-Williams House
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4. The Local Support

If you want to shop local, eat local, and support local entrepreneurs, Savannah is the place for you! I love to support locals wherever I go, and it was so easy here! I didn’t eat or shop at a chain the whole time I was there. Who needs a mocha from Starbucks when you can get a lavender latte from a local cafe?! I just love how the local culture is to support their fellow locals. It just warms my small business heart!

My lavender latte from Savannah Coffee Roasters!

3. The Food

And the food is not only local, it’s fantastic! I literally had the best grits of my life in Savannah, at the Savannah Bed & Breakfast Inn. Savannah is also known for Leopold’s ice cream—there’s a line for a reason! But don’t stop there. Get all the fried green tomatoes, all the seafood, all the rice, all the pastries… you really can’t go wrong!

Shrimp and Grits “Sushi” from the Olde Pink House!
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2. The Kindness of Strangers

Y’all, the South is known for its hospitality for a reason, but even I can admit not everyone lives up to the standard. I can, however, assure you that the people of Savannah are some of the kindest, sweetest, most wonderful people in the South! I made new friends, got hugs from former strangers, and stood outside on a beautiful, historic porch and traded book recommendations with one of my wonderful tour guides!

A random stranger out for his run came up to me, also in running clothes and photographing this very famous Forsyth Park fountain, and asked if he could take a photo of me!
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1. The Respect for History and Preservation

It’s not secret that I’m fascinated with history, cultures, people, and anything else related to the past. I love finding out how much research and effort goes into making historic sites accurate according to the time period and the people who lived or worked there. Every single site I visited had me positively amazed at the artifacts, period pieces, original woodwork and details, everything! I asked a zillion questions, and each and every guide with whom I spoke was enthusiastic about answering my questions and talking with me. That meant so much to me because not everyone in the history professions is as kind.

Period-correct wallpaper from the Historic Davenport House.
The Olde Pink House: historic home, bank, haunted house, restaurant, and more!
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So what about you? What do you love about a place you went? Is there a place other than home that’s near and dear to your heart?

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