The Best Spring Travel Tips

Springtime! The season of allergies, new growth, and the first hints of warmer days ahead. Spring travels can be a little up in the air, though. Sometimes it’s warmer, sometimes it’s cooler, but its usually beautiful because the first leaves and flowers start blooming. Here are the best tips to travel in springtime! 

Pack in Layers

Ugh. I know. I don’t like it either! Packing in layers is inherently not packing light. It’s possible, just a lot more difficult to do. But it’s really the best way to go! Spring mornings in many climates can be chilly, and evenings can bring on a chill as well, so a light jacket or wrap will be essential, no matter what. I’ve even made sure to bring pants that can layer up sometimes if big temperature changes are in the forecast–leggings go nicely under jeans when needed! I’m also a big fan of camisoles. Whatever you pack, be sure you can layer it up!

That masked-up, layered look.
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Bring Your Preferred Allergy Medication

You know how you get to a new place and your allergies start acting up? Oh, just me? It’s happened more than once! Save yourself the discomfort, time, and trouble of finding just the right allergy medicine in a new place (perhaps a place where you can’t read the labels!), and pack enough of your own from home.

I was massively allergic to something in Whitianga, New Zealand, and the non-stop sneezing and runny nose totally caught me off-guard! You will probably be able to find what you need wherever you are, but take some of the stress out and simply pack some of your own!

New Zealand’s North Island was beautiful… after I got the allergy meds I needed!
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Bring Sunglasses

I think of sunglasses as a summer item, but I find myself using them at least as often in spring as I do in summer! Pack a pair for the days when the sun comes out, or use a cute pair to hold your hair back. Either way, it’s a versatile, essential travel item!

Savor the sunshine while protecting your peepers!
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And a Rain Jacket or Umbrella

Just as much as the sun can blaze, the spring can also bring showers to many destinations around the world. Come prepared with a rain jacket or an umbrella, or maybe both! No, they won’t take it away from you at security. I checked!

Be prepared!
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Avoid Spring Breakers

Spring is a beautiful time of year to travel, but it’s also the much-needed break time for college students. Instead of the beaches of Florida, Alabama, or Southern California, opt for places with a slower pace. Ideas could include Savannah, Charleston, or even Hawaii—most college kids can’t afford Hawaii airline ticket prices!

Find a place you can have practically to yourself!
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Look for the Deals

Spring is a great time to be looking for flight and hotel deals! Winter getaways and “resort season” (which is a travel term I just learned a few months ago!) are finished, and summer break travels haven’t started yet, so spring is the perfect time to take advantage of the “shoulder season,” if you will.

You might be surprised at how cheap flights can be in the spring!
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