How to Spend 4 Days at Uluru

Updated August 11, 2020.

We loved our trip to Uluru in Australia’s Red Centre! At first we didn’t know how many days to spend or what all there was to do other than look at the gigantic red rocks, but we quickly learned that there was plenty to keep us occupied. Four days was enough, but truly we could have spent a week there and never done the same thing twice! But if you don’t have a week to spare, here’s an itinerary to help you make the absolute most of your time!

Day 1: Arrive

Flying into AYQ with Kata Tjuta in the Distance

Mid-day: Arrive in Yulara

Your arrival time may vary, but most likely you’ll be flying in sometime between 10:00am and 3:00pm. JetStar, Qantas, and Virgin Australia fly into Uluru-Ayers Rock Airport (AYQ), though others may fly in seasonally. We flew on JetStar from Melbourne.

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Afternoon: Check into Your Accommodation and Lunch

Ayers Rock Resort (the only accommodation at Uluru!) guests can certainly rent a car to get to the resort, but they can also catch the FREE shuttle to their accommodation. We stayed at Sails in the Desert, but there are seven other properties to choose from within a variety of budgets at Ayers Rock Resort.

You may be hungry by now, so don’t skip lunch! There are choices at nearly every accommodation type and at the Town Square. You can choose anything from Asian to Aussie to Italian!

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Mid-afternoon: Book Tours at the Information Centre and Explore

If you haven’t already, head over to the Tourist Information Centre at the Town Square to book your tours for your trip! We suggest a helicopter tour, Uluru Base Walk and Sunset Tour, Kata Tjuta Sunrise and Valley of the Winds Tour, and possibly one more sunrise tour—there are so many to choose from!

That won’t take long, so spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the Resort. You’ll find hiking trails, art galleries, and the Wintjiri Museum. You can even take the FREE resort shuttle to get a lay of the land!

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Evening: Sunset Tour and Dinner

The package we booked with Ayers Rock Resort included a sunset tour and dinner at the Field of Light display. Even if the display is gone by the time you visit (it is only supposed to be there until December 31, 2020, but could be extended), there are plenty of sunset tours to choose from, and several dinner options both at the resort and in view of Uluru! Choose the one that seems most fun to you!

Waiting for Sunset on Uluru
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Day 2: Experience Uluru

Uluru from Above on Our Helicopter Tour
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Morning: Breakfast

Our package included breakfast at Ilkari Restaurant at Sails in the Desert, but you can have a great breakfast at Gecko, Kualata Cafe, or the Mangata Bistro!

Mid-morning: Helicopter Tour Over Uluru

This was perhaps the event I was most excited for! This was only my second helicopter ride, and it was just as memorable as the first! We flew up around Uluru and got glimpses of Kata Tjuta in the distance as well. The whole experience from pick-up to drop-off was about an hour, for your planning purposes.

Mid-day: Pick Up Lunch To-go; Request Breakfast for Tomorrow

When you get back from your helicopter flight, head over to Town Square and pick up a sandwich from Kualata Cafe, stir-fry from Ayers Wok, or something from Gecko Cafe to-go. If you’ve booked with breakfast included, ask your accommodation for a to-go breakfast for the next morning’s Kata Tjuta hike. Just remember that everything that goes into the park also has to go out of the park with you!

You can’t grasp the size of Uluru until you’re next to it!
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Early Afternoon: Take the Uluru Hop On Hop Off Bus to the Uluru Base Walk

I highly recommend the Uluru Base Walk. It’s a solid seven miles around, not including side treks into some gorges along the way. Plan to spend 3-4 hours exploring Uluru on foot, less if you choose to explore by bike or Segway! You really can’t understand just how big it is until you’re standing right next to it.

Evening: Sunset on Uluru

The benefit of taking the afternoon bus to Uluru is that you have the option to take the sunset viewing bus on the return! Watching the colors change on and around the sacred red rock is truly magical.

Sunset at Uluru

Night: Supper

When you get back to the resort, get some supper and rest up. You have an early morning tomorrow!

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Day 3: Hike at Kata Tjuta

Early: Depart for Sunrise Viewing

Your departure time will be early, but if you bring enough layers and a pair of earmuffs, you’ll be glad you did it! Just bear in mind you might have to fight your way for a spot down front if you’re a short person like I am!

Tip for people who are 6 feet tall and over: please let the short girl stand in front of you. Please.
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Morning: Hike Kata Tjuta’s Valley of the Winds

The same bus that took you to watch the sunrise will also drop you off at Kata Tjuta for either the Walpa Gorge Walk or the Valley of the Winds Hike. You will have to choose one or the other, so do an honest evaluation of your fitness level. The hike is loaded with loose gravel and some steep inclines!

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Mid-day: Lunch and Wintjiri Museum and Gallery

When you get back from Kata Tjuta, it’ll be lunch time, or close to it. Take some time to explore some of the art galleries or the Wintjiri Museum as well, then head out to see the camels!

Afternoon: Visit the Camel Farm

You can either walk or take the FREE resort-area shuttle to the Camel Farm. Not only can you take a short camel ride, you can also visit some camels, see kangaroo, emu, and other animals, and learn a little bit about the history of camels in the Australian Outback!

Camels Prepping for a Tour
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Evening: Supper

We had a nice, sit-down dinner at Ilkari Restaurant on our last night at Uluru. The food was excellent, and it was a special experience! Pro tip: don’t skip dessert.

Day 4: Depart

Sunrise Behind Uluru
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Early Morning: Sunrise Tour

If you’re up for another early morning, schedule a sunrise tour! If you’re interested in another sunrise but not such an early morning, walk out to the Imalung Lookout on Ayers Rock Resort instead!

Mid-morning: Depart Uluru

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! Ask at the front desk for what time you’ll need to catch the airport bus for your return flight. And don’t forget to stop into the gift shop inside security at the airport; it’s the best shopping in Yulara! There’s also a Kualata Cafe in case you’d like some food while you’re there.

So long, Uluru!
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For all things Uluru and everything Australian, check out my Australia Page!

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